Mi Metty Dog Leash – The Strongest Chew Proof Leash for Teething & Destructive Dogs



Keep your dog under control and stop the chewing with the Mi Metty Dog Leash – the ultimate chew proof leash designed for even the most destructive chewers and teething puppies. This heavy duty dog leash is made from steel wire rope wrapped in thick, soft PVC to create a tie-out and walking leash that can withstand the toughest biters.

Built Tough to Stop the Chewing

The Mi Metty Dog Leash is constructed from high tensile strength steel wire that has been tightly wrapped in a thick PVC cover. This combination creates a chew resistant cable that is too strong for even aggressive chewers to bite through or break. The PVC cover is also smooth yet soft, so it’s gentle on your dog’s mouth but provides no grip for their teeth.

Both the steel core and PVC cover are also weatherproof, crack resistant and rustproof for long lasting durability in all conditions. No more buying new leashes every month! This chew proof leash will hold up to years of chewing, biting, exposure to sun, rain and snow.

5 FT Steel Tie-Out Cable

The 5 foot steel cable gives your dog room to comfortably move around while keeping them secure. Use it as an outdoor tie-out by securing one end to a sturdy tree, post or stake with the heavy duty metal clasp. The cable swivels 360 degrees to prevent tangling as your dog moves around.

When it’s time for a walk, simply clip on the included removable padded handle to create a standard 5 foot leash. The padded handle ensures a comfortable, secure grip.

Multi-Purpose Short Leash

The detachable padded handle converts the tie-out into a 2 foot long leash perfect for keeping your pup close in busy areas like crowded sidewalks, parks and pet friendly patios. Attach the clasp end directly to your dog’s collar then control them hands-free via the padded handle. No more bulky, tangled leash to manage!

When attached to the collar, the leash swivels 360 degrees for tangle-free walking and excellent control over small, medium and large breed dogs up to 110 lbs.

Colorful & Fashionable

Available in bright blue, vibrant red, sunny yellow, soft pink, classic black or earthy brown, this chew resistant leash adds a fashionable pop of color to any dog walking adventure. Match your pup’s collar, leash and accessories or show off their unique personality with a fun, trendy hue.

Tough Chew Resistant Design

Steel wire rope core wrapped tightly in thick, smooth PVC cover
Withstands biting, chewing, aggressive nibblers
Strong enough to resist heavy chewers
PVC cover has no grip for teeth
Gentle on gums but impossible to destroy

Durable & Weatherproof

Crack, rust and weather resistant
Steel and PVC are fully waterproof
Built to last years outdoors

5 FT Tie-Out Use

5 foot steel cable for comfortable movement
Secures to trees, posts and stakes
Rotate 360 degrees to prevent tangling

Removable Padded Handle

Creates a standard 5 foot walking leash
Comfortable padded grip

Short Leash Option

2 foot leash for crowded areas
Attach handle directly to collar
Excellent control of small and large breeds

Fashionable Colors

Available in blue, red, yellow, pink, black and brown
Match leash to your dog’s collar and accessories
Show off your dog’s unique style and personality


Length: 5 feet
Coated steel wire rope: .2 inches thick
PVC coating: .5 inches thick
Heavy duty metal clasp
Removable padded handle
Max weight: 110 lbs
With its durable chew proof design, versatile uses, and fun colors, the Mi Metty Dog Leash is the perfect solution for controlling destructive chewers without sacrificing style or comfort. Order today and finally get peace of mind knowing your dog can’t destroy their leash!


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