Milk-Bone Bacon and Beef Stuffed Dog Biscuits



Treat your pup to a mouthwatering crunch followed by a delicious burst of flavor with Milk-Bone’s Bacon and Beef Stuffed Dog Biscuits. We wrap premium bacon and beef centers in a baked crunchy biscuit shell for double the tail-wagging taste in every bite. Your dog will drool for these innovative stuffed snacks!

At Milk-Bone, we’re always cooking up new ways to delight dogs and their owners. Our stuffed biscuits feature an irresistible combination of textures and flavors layered into one incredible treat. Watch your dog savor the crunchy outside before breaking through to the savory bacon and beef middle – it’s a treat within a treat!

Crunchy Outside, Savory Inside

These innovative biscuits feature a crispy baked exterior that envelops a soft, succulent filling. We wrap premium real bacon and beef centers within a crunchy, bone-shaped biscuit shell. Your dog gets to enjoy two treats in one!

The crunchy biscuit coating provides dental health benefits, helping scrub away plaque and tartar as your dog nibbles. Then they’ll chomp through to the incredible bacon and beef middle for an explosion of meaty, smoky flavor. It’s double the tail-wagging joy wrapped up in one clever treat.

Made with Real Bacon and Beef

What makes these stuffed biscuits so mouthwatering is the high-quality bacon and beef inside. We use only the real thing for maximum flavor:

  • Smoked Bacon – Real crumbled bacon adds irresistible smoky, salty flavor.
  • Savory Beef – Beef delivers a rich, protein-packed boost of umami.

Together these premium meats create a sweet, smoky, meaty center your dog will go wild for. The smell alone will have them drooling in anticipation! Real bacon and beef provide a protein-packed reward they’ll come begging for.

Made with Quality Ingredients

You can feel good giving your pup these tasty stuffed treats because we use only high-quality, natural ingredients:

Ingredients: Wheat flour, beef, bacon, glycerin, soybean meal, water, wheat gluten, sugar, gelatin, salt, caramel color, natural smoke flavor, garlic powder.

We don’t use any fillers, artificial flavors or artificial preservatives – just real food ingredients baked for tail-wagging goodness. Milk-Bone Stuffed Biscuits deliver mouthwatering taste you can trust.

A Fun and Tasty Treat

Surprise your pup with the innovative stuffed biscuit they’ll go crazy for! The crunchy outside and delicious bacon and beef center provide double the joy in every bite. Your dog will delight in chomping through the layers of textures and flavors.

Bring exciting variety to snacktime with these clever treats. Watch your dog sink their teeth into the crispy coating before tastebud fireworks erupt from the smoky, meaty filling. Their tails will wag with joy as they devour these incredible stuffed biscuits packed with real bacon and beef goodness.


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