Milk-Bone Beef & Sweet Potato Trail Mix Dog Treats



Take your pup on a flavor adventure with Milk-Bone’s Trail Mix treats! This hearty blend features real beef, wholesome oats, and sweet potato for a protein-packed explosion of textures and tastes. With no artificial ingredients, this trail mix delivers tail-wagging nourishment straight from nature.

At Milk-Bone, we believe dogs deserve treats as nutritious and delicious as their wild ancestors enjoyed. Our Trail Mix recipe is thoughtfully crafted to mimic the diverse flavors of the wilderness. Real beef satisfies your pup’s inner carnivore, while fruits and grains provide natural energy for whatever adventures you find.

Made with Real Beef

What makes these Trail Mix treats irresistible is the high-quality beef inside. We use only real beef to nourish your pup’s inner wolf with the protein-rich flavor nature intended. Savory beef delivers a mouthwatering umami taste that satisfies wild cravings.

The aromatic, beefy pieces will have your dog’s nose twitching with joy! As they crunch into each morsel, a rich hit of beefy flavor sends their tastebuds howling. Real meat makes all the difference when crafting a snack to reward your pup’s adventurous spirit.

Nutritious Whole Oats

In addition to tasty beef, we include hearty whole oats, a naturally nutritious grain. Rolled oats provide soluble fiber to support healthy digestion as your pup explores. The pleasing oat aroma and chewy texture perfectly complement the savory beef.

Oats give your dog long-lasting energy fueled by complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Feel good rewarding your active companion with a wholesome source of natural fuel and fiber. A blend of fruits, veggies, and grains provides balanced nutrition for every dog.

Sweet Potato for Natural Vitamins

Sweet potato rounds out this trail mix with a delicious dose of vitamins and minerals straight from the earth. Sweet potato is packed with beta carotene, vitamin C, potassium and fiber. This vitamin-rich veggie supports your pup’s immune system and energy levels.

Dogs love the bright orange color and mildly sweet flavor. The chewy potato pieces add tasty variety along with valuable antioxidants. With beef, oats, and sweet potato, this trail mix delivers a nutritious balance of proteins, carbs, vitamins, and minerals.

Crafted with Care in the USA

Milk-Bone proudly crafts this trail mix right here in the USA. Our ingredient experts thoughtfully select and blend each component for optimum nutrition and irresistible flavors. We gently bake the mix to savory perfection without any artificial preservatives or synthetic ingredients.

From choosing quality meats, fruits, and veggies to baking skillfully with love, we focus on crafting a snack that makes dogs and owners happy. With Milk-Bone, you can feel good rewarding your pup with trail mix made from simple, natural ingredients.

Adventure Awaits with Milk-Bone

Take your canine companion’s taste buds on an adventure with Milk-Bone’s Trail Mix treats! Real beef nourishes your pup’s inner carnivore, while oats and sweet potato provide lasting energy for every expedition. This protein-packed blend brings the flavor of the wilderness home to your dog’s bowl.

Let your furry friend’s nose lead the way to joy with these nutritious bites made from only the best ingredients. Milk-Bone Trail Mix will have tails wagging as you both embrace the call of the wild!


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