Milk-Bone Comfort Chews Dog Treats – Irresistibly Delicious Chews Made with Real Beef for Dental Health



Treat your furry best friend to a chew they’ll love with Milk-Bone Comfort Chews. These irresistible treats feature a unique chewy texture that provides dogs with a satisfyingly long-lasting chew. At the same time, they are specially designed to be gentle on your pup’s teeth, gums and digestive system.

Formulated with real beef, Milk-Bone Comfort Chews offer a mouthwateringly delicious beefy flavor that dogs just can’t get enough of. The taste and texture of these chews will have your pooch begging for more. As your dog contentedly chews away, the unique texture helps clean teeth and control plaque and tartar. So not only does your dog get an incredibly tasty treat, but you get the added benefits of improved dental health.

Irresistibly Tasty with Real Beef

Dogs have a highly developed sense of smell, so scent and flavor are very important when it comes to treats. Milk-Bone Comfort Chews are made with real beef, offering an appetizing smell and beefy flavor your dog will love. These chews satisfy cravings and provide a rewarding experience full of beefy deliciousness.

Dogs of all breeds and sizes will be tempted by the scrumptious aroma of Milk-Bone Comfort Chews. Whether you have a gentle giant like a Great Dane or a petite pup like a Yorkshire Terrier, your dog will delight in these chewy, beef-flavored treats. Their taste will leave your furry friend eager for the next chew.

Unique Chewy Texture for Enjoyment

Milk-Bone Comfort Chews have a unique chewy texture that provides dogs with an extra satisfying and long-lasting chew. The chews feature a lightly porous surface, allowing your dog’s teeth to gently sink in. As your pup works the chew, they’ll enjoy the subtly abrasive texture against their teeth and gums.

This chewy texture engages your dog for longer periods of chewing and gnawing. The extended chew time gives them plenty of opportunity to savor the irresistible beefy flavor. Your dog will love sinking their teeth into these chews over and over again. The chewy texture also helps clean teeth,control plaque and tartar as they enjoy their treat.

Gentle on Teeth, Gums and Digestion

While providing a fulfilling chewing experience, Milk-Bone Comfort Chews are designed to be gentle on your dog’s mouth and body. The unique texture and surface help clean teeth without being overly hard or abrasive. This reduces the risk of fractured or broken teeth from aggressive chewing.

The chews are also gentle on your dog’s gums. The porous surface and subtly abrasive texture are designed to avoid irritating your dog’s gums during extended chewing sessions. They also will not get stuck in the grooves of the teeth.

For dogs with sensitive digestion, Milk-Bone Comfort Chews are easy to digest without upsetting stomachs. Made with wholesome ingredients, they contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Treat your special pup to a tasty chew that’s gentle on their digestion.

Improves Dental Health While Chewing

The unique texture of Milk-Bone Comfort Chews provides dental health benefits for dogs. As your pup thoroughly chews each treat, the chewy texture gently scrapes away plaque and tartar on the surfaces of teeth. This reduces harmful build-up that can lead to cavities, gum disease and other dental problems.

The abrasive surface also stimulates gums, promoting circulation. This delivers important nutrients to keep gums healthy. The whole chewing action exercises jaw muscles and cleans hard-to-reach back teeth. So treat time promotes better dental health.

Give your dog something to sink their teeth into while also improving their oral hygiene. Milk-Bone Comfort Chews make it easy to integrate dental care into a rewarding chew time.

Convenient Single-Serve Pouches

Milk-Bone Comfort Chews come in a resealable 40.8 oz pouch containing 16 individually wrapped chews. The single-serve pouches make it easy to grab and go when heading out for a walk or trip to the dog park. Stash a pouch in your treat bag or pocket for anytime enjoyment.

The single-serve pouches also keep the other chews fresh until you’re ready to give your pup another tasty reward. No need to worry about the whole bag going stale once opened. Just grab a pouch for each chew time.

A Rewarding Treat From Milk-Bone

For over 100 years, Milk-Bone has created treats that pet parents and dogs love. Milk-Bone Comfort Chews continue that tradition with an irresistibly tasty chew made from quality ingredients. Real beef and a unique chewy texture give dogs a mouthwatering experience full of tail wags and smiles.

Treat your furry best friend to a chew that satisfies cravings while also delivering dental health benefits. Milk-Bone Comfort Chews are thoughtfully designed to be gentle on teeth, gums and tummies. Your dog will love sinking their teeth into the chewy, beefy deliciousness.

Bring out happy grins and wagging tails at treat time with Milk-Bone Comfort Chews – a uniquely textured chew made with real beef that dogs love to savor while improving dental health.


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