Milk-Bone Dipped Dog Biscuits – Crunchy Baked Treats Coated in Real Peanut Butter (2 Bags, 32 oz Each)



Give your dog a mouthwatering crunch they’ll love with Milk-Bone Dipped Dog Biscuits. These crunchy baked treats are coated in real peanut butter for a deliciously tempting flavor combination. Each biscuit delivers a satisfying bite with a peanut buttery bottom your dog will find irresistible.

Made with high-quality ingredients and real peanut butter, Milk-Bone Dipped Dog Biscuits provide a tasty, wholesome snack. The crunchy texture helps clean teeth and freshen breath, while the peanut buttery coating keeps your dog coming back for more. Your furry friend will jump for joy when they see these yummy biscuits!

Crunchy Baked Biscuits

Milk-Bone Dipped Dog Biscuits start with a crunchy biscuit baked to golden brown perfection. These crispy biscuits provide a satisfying snap when your dog takes a bite. The crunchy texture also helps reduce plaque and tartar buildup as your dog chews.

The biscuits are thoughtfully baked with your dog’s health in mind. They contain no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors – just natural ingredients baked up crunchy and delicious. Give your pup something satisfying to sink their teeth into at snack time.

Coated in Real Peanut Butter

What makes these biscuits truly drool-worthy is the coating of real peanut butter on the bottom of each treat. Made with actual peanut butter, it provides a rich, irresistible peanutty flavor your dog will love.

As your dog crunches through the biscuit, they’ll get to the thick layer of peanut butter at the end. This peanut butter finish perfectly complements the crunchy biscuit for a combo that dogs adore. The peanut buttery goodness will have your dog eagerly awaiting their next biscuit.

Promotes Dental Health While Chewing

The crispy crunchy biscuit texture helps promote better dental health for your dog. As your pup chews, the crunchy biscuit helps reduce plaque and tartar buildup on their teeth. This also helps prevent gum disease by stimulating gums and improving circulation.

The chewing action provides exercise for jaw muscles, massages gums, and cleans those hard-to-reach back teeth. So treat time provides dental benefits while also satisfying your dog with a scrumptious baked good.

Wholesome Ingredients from the USA

Milk-Bone Dipped Dog Biscuits are thoughtfully baked with your dog’s nutrition and safety in mind. They contain no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. Only wholesome natural ingredients are used to create both the crunchy biscuit and the real peanut butter coating.

These peanut butter dog biscuits are proudly made in the USA. Milk-Bone bakes them in Oklahoma, where the brand has crafted quality treats since 1908. You can feel good knowing your dog is getting an all-American snack made by a century-old bakery.

Convenient Bulk Packaging

Each order includes two resealable 32 ounce bags of Milk-Bone Dipped Dog Biscuits. Each bag contains over 100 crunchy, peanut butter-dipped biscuits. This bulk size gives you a bounty of snacks to keep your dog happy.

The resealable bags help lock in freshness between snacking sessions. Close the zipper tight to ensure the biscuits stay crispy and the peanut butter coating doesn’t dry out. Your dog will enjoy these peanutty crunchy treats to the very last bite.

A Classic Treat from Milk-Bone

For over 100 years, Milk-Bone has baked delectable flavors and textures into quality treats dogs love. Milk-Bone Dipped Dog Biscuits continue that tradition with a classic crispy baked biscuit coated in real peanut butter. This winning flavor combination keeps dogs coming back for more.

Reward your furry best friend with a wholesome snack baked with care. Milk-Bone Dipped Dog Biscuits give your dog crunchy biscuits topped with tasty peanut butter in every bite. Your pup will jump for joy when you bring out these peanutty baked treats!

Delight your dog with two bags of Milk-Bone Dipped Dog Biscuits – crunchy baked biscuits smothered in irresistible real peanut butter coating. Your dog will drool for these peanutty crunchy treats!


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