Milk-Bone Flavor Snacks Mini Crunchy Dog Biscuits – 36 oz Canister of Tasty Beef, Chicken and Bacon Bites



Make your dog jump for joy with Milk-Bone Flavor Snacks Mini Crunchy Dog Biscuits. This 36 oz canister contains over 600 bite-sized crunchy biscuits in 3 mouthwatering flavors – beef, chicken and bacon.

These petite baked biscuits are perfectly sized for rewarding and treating your pup more often. Their crunchy texture supports dental health while tantalizing flavors satisfy cravings. Bring more smiles and wagging tails to your dog’s day!

3 Meaty & Delicious Flavors

This flavor variety pack includes tasty mini biscuits in beef, chicken and bacon flavors. From savory beef to smoky bacon, you get a delicious assortment of flavors your dog will love.

Made with real meat ingredients, these petite snacks pack big flavor into small bites. Your pup will jump for joy when they smell the mouthwatering aromas of these crunchy baked biscuits.

Bite-Sized for Frequent Treating

At only half an inch wide, these mini biscuits are perfectly sized for rewarding your dog more often. Their petite size makes them great for tossing treats during training or sprinkling over food.

With over 600 crunchy bites in one canister, you’ll have plenty to reinforce good behavior, show affection, or spice up mealtime. The conveniently sized biscuits allow you to treat your pup daily.

Promotes Dental Health

Crunching away on these baked biscuits helps promote better dental health for your dog. The crispy texture helps reduce plaque and tartar buildup as your dog chews. This also stimulates gums and freshens doggie breath.

Chewing exercises jaw muscles and massages gums too. So these mini-sized snacks support oral hygiene in a delicious way your dog will love.

Fortified with Vitamins & Minerals

Milk-Bone enriches these petitie bites with essential vitamins and minerals. They contain 12 vitamins and minerals including calcium, vitamin D and folic acid.

At just 5 calories per biscuit, you can reward your pup often while also providing nutritional value. Delicious and nutritious!

Made in the USA

Milk-Bone has been baking quality dog treats in Buffalo, NY since 1908. They use carefully sourced ingredients to craft American-made treats you can trust.

Serve up wagging tails and smiles at snack time with crunchy biscuits made close to home. Milk-Bone Mini Biscuits are proudly baked in the USA.

Fun Bone Shapes and Sizes

These petite biscuits come in a variety of cute bone shapes and sizes. Dogs love nibbling every angle of the playful bone shapes.

The assorted shapes and ridged edges provide teeth-cleaning texture your dog will enjoy. Snack time brings boredom-busting mental stimulation too.

A Delicious Treat from Milk-Bone

As America’s #1 selling dog treat brand, Milk-Bone knows how to make treats dogs love. These mini crunchy biscuits continue that tradition with bite-sized flavors and textures.

Make your dog happy with these tail-wagging petite treats. Milk-Bone Mini Biscuits bring tasty fun in small packages!

Reward and surprise your furry friend more often with Milk-Bone Flavor Snacks mini crunchy biscuits. Your pup will jump for joy for these bite-sized baked goodies!


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