Milk-Bone GnawBones Rawhide Free Dog Chews – Chicken Flavored Knot Bones



Give your dog a tasty, long-lasting chew without rawhide with Milk-Bone GnawBones knotted mini bones. These all-natural chews have a chicken flavor dogs love and help clean teeth as dogs gnaw and chew.

100% Rawhide-Free Chews

Milk-Bone GnawBones offer all the chewing satisfaction dogs love without rawhide. The knotted bones are made with natural rice flour and potato starch for a tasty, digestible treat.

Real Chicken Flavor

These mini bones are packed with mouthwatering chicken flavor in every bite. Dogs go crazy for the rich poultry taste. There are no artificial flavors – just real chicken taste.

Cleans Teeth While Chewing

The hard texture and knotted shape give dogs plenty to gnaw and chew on. This chewing action scrubs away tartar and plaque as your dog chews for better dental health.

Long-Lasting Chew Time

These knot bones provide long-lasting enjoyment. The tightly twisted shape and hardness satisfy dogs’ natural urge to chew for hours while keeping them happily occupied.

Digestible Recipe Easy on Stomachs

Made without rawhide that can upset stomachs, Milk-Bone GnawBones contain a digestible rice-based recipe that’s easy on your dog’s tummy. Just tasty chewing satisfaction.

No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives

All natural ingredients provide nutrition and flavor without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Only quality ingredients you can feel good giving your dog.

30 Count Resealable Bag

The generous 30 count bag provides a stockpile of long-lasting chews. Resealable bag keeps unused bones fresh until the next satisfying chew session.

Made in the USA

You can trust Milk-Bone rawhide alternative chews are crafted to high standards in the USA. Milk-Bone has been making quality treats since 1908.

Give your dog a tasty, knotty, chicken flavored chew without rawhide. Milk-Bone GnawBones provide long-lasting chewing satisfaction that cleans teeth and entertains dogs for hours.


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