Milk-Bone Gravy Bones – Crunchy Dog Treats Smothered in Meaty Gravy Goodness



Treat your pup to mouthwatering flavor with Milk-Bone Gravy Bones! These crunchy baked biscuits are smothered in savory gravy for a taste sensation dogs love. Available in four delicious meaty flavors, they provide a gravy-soaked experience your dog will drool over.

Crunchy Baked Biscuits

At the heart of these exciting treats are Milk-Bone’s classic crunchy baked biscuits. Lightly baked for a satisfying crunch, they provide just the right texture for your dog to nibble and chew. The bone-shaped biscuits are full of traditional Milk-Bone wholesome goodness.

Smothered in Gravy Goodness

Here’s where things get fun! Each crunchy biscuit is smothered in a smooth, savory gravy to create a sweet and salty flavor experience. The delicious gravy coating takes these biscuits over the top for a treat unlike any other.

4 Meaty Gravy Flavors

You get a tasty variety in every box! Milk-Bone Gravy Bones come in four mouthwatering meat flavors:

Beef Gravy: A rich, beefy gravy for big meaty flavor.

Chicken Gravy: Savory chicken gravy for a classic taste.

Liver & Bacon Gravy: A smokey, salty blend of liver and bacon flavors.

Original Gravy: The iconic Milk-Bone gravy dogs love.

With four options to choose from, your pup will never get bored!

Natural Colors and Flavors

You can feel good about treating your furry friend to these gravy-smothered biscuits. They contain no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. The tantalizing tastes and colors come from all natural ingredients like turmeric, annatto and paprika.

Nutritious with 12 Essential Vitamins & Minerals

While your dog focuses on the gravy-soaked flavor, they’ll also benefit from essential nutrients added to each biscuit. These include vitamin D for strong teeth and bones, vitamin E for immune health, and calcium for muscle function.

Promotes Dental Health

The crunchy baked biscuits help scrub your dog’s teeth to reduce tartar and plaque buildup as they chew. This helps freshen breath for cleaner doggie kisses. The chewing action also stimulates saliva to flush the mouth. Give your pup a little dental care along with their gravy-smothered treat!

From Milk-Bone, Brand Pet Parents Trust

With over 100 years of experience crafting tasty dog treats, Milk-Bone is the #1 trusted brand among pet parents. You can feel good choosing this established brand you know and love for your furry family members. Made in the USA following strict safety standards.

Easy Addition to Your Dog’s Routine

Make mealtimes more exciting by adding a Milk-Bone Gravy Bone to your dog’s bowl. Or surprise them with a gravy-coated treat anytime for a burst of tail-wagging joy. However you use them, you’ll love watching your dog savor the meaty gravy in every bite!

A Drool-Worthy Treat!

Your dog’s eyes will light up when you give them a Milk-Bone Gravy Bone! After crunching through the lightly baked biscuit, they’ll get an explosion of savory gravy flavor in four mouthwatering varieties:

Beef Gravy – For big, beefy flavor

Chicken Gravy – A tasty classic

Liver & Bacon Gravy – Smokey and salty

Original Gravy – The Milk-Bone gravy dogs love

They’ll lap up every last morsel of gravy goodness! This drool-worthy treat is sure to become your dog’s new favorite.

Natural, Nutritious Ingredients

You’ll feel good treating your dog to Milk-Bone Gravy Bones. Made with:

No artificial preservatives, flavors or colors
12 essential vitamins and minerals
Natural flavors and colors from ingredients like turmeric, annatto and paprika
Crunchy baked biscuits promote dental health

Give your dog a mouthwatering experience while supporting their overall health!

Make Your Dog Drool with Delight!

Bring excitement to mealtimes and treats with Milk-Bone Gravy Bones! Smothered in savory gravy, these crunchy baked biscuits provide a sweet and salty flavor sensation your dog will devour. Choose from four meaty gravy varieties for tail-wagging fun at every feeding. Make your dog drool today with Milk-Bone Gravy Bones!


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