Milk-Bone Halloween Spooky Shaped Dog Biscuits



Surprise your pup with a spooky treat this Halloween season with Milk-Bone’s limited edition Spooky Biscuits. These playfully frightful snacks feature crunchy bone-shaped biscuits embossed with spiders, bats, ghosts and jack-o-lanterns. Your dog will love nibbling on these tasty biscuits while you enjoy the cute shapes.

At Milk-Bone, we love surprising dogs with joy, especially during the Halloween season. Our playful Spooky Biscuits give your pup the tail-wagging crunch of our classic baked treats, now with a fun twist. Let your dog get their howl on with these delightfully spooky snacks!

Fun Spooky Shapes

These Spooky Biscuits feature our classic bone-shaped crunchy baked treats embossed with spook-tacular designs:

  • Spider webs
  • Frightful bats
  • Silly ghosts
  • Happy jack-o-lanterns

Your pup will get a kick out of these silly shapes when you surprise them at snack time. Watch their eyes light up when you bring out the festively decorated pail. Let them munch through the assortment of spooky designs as their tail wags with snacktime joy.

Crunchy Ridged Biscuit Texture

Underneath the decorative embossing, these are the same hearty Milk-Bone biscuits dogs love. We bake each one to crunchy perfection with our signature ridged edges. The textured surface helps gently scrub away plaque and tartar as your dog chews.

These crunchy treats make a fun tactile experience for your pup. The hardness helps clean teeth and freshen breath, while the spooky shapes add a playful surprise. Your dog will delight in nibbling each whimsical biscuit while showing off their Halloween spirit.

Delicious Baked Biscuit Flavor

Of course, the tastiest part of these treats is the mouthwatering baked flavor inside. We craft each Spooky Biscuit to savory perfection with irresistible baked aroma and flavor. Dogs go crazy for that authentic biscuit taste from quality ingredients baked with care.

Thanks to our classic crunchy recipe, you can feel good treating your pup to these biscuits anytime. We don’t use any artificial colors, flavors or substitutes – just real food ingredients baked for tail-wagging goodness.

Made in the USA with Care

Milk-Bone has been baking bone-shaped treats in Kansas since 1908. We’re proud to continue that tradition, crafting our Spooky Biscuits at our USA bakery with care and quality. From mixing to packaging, every step focuses on baking goodness your dog will love.

You can trust Milk-Bone to create snacks that bring joy to dogs and pet parents. Our cute Spooky Biscuits will get your pup’s tail wagging this Halloween while keeping their teeth clean. Made with love in small batches, these frightfully fun treats bring smile after smile.

Share Halloween Fun with Your Pup

Surprise your furry friend this Halloween season with a pail of Milk-Bone’s limited edition Spooky Biscuits. The cute embossed shapes and crunchy biscuit texture will delight your dog. You’ll love watching them tail-wag their way through this treat pail.

Bring some howling good times to snacktime with biscuits that are a little bit silly and a little bit spooky. Your dog will adore these Halloween-themed crunchy treats made just for them. Who said only kids get to have holiday fun?


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