Milk-Bone MaroSnacks for Small Dogs – Crunchy Treats Filled with Real Bone Marrow



Give your small dog a mouthwatering treat filled with real bone marrow! Milk-Bone MaroSnacks deliver tail-wagging flavor in each crunchy, marrow-filled biscuit. The savory bone marrow center provides a boost of rich, meaty taste small breed dogs crave.

Made with Real Bone Marrow

The key ingredient that makes MaroSnacks stand out is real bone marrow. The natural marrow harvested from bones adds a blast of delicious flavor. You can actually see specks of bone marrow baked right into each biscuit for added crunch and nutrition.

Crunchy Baked Biscuits

Surrounding the yummy marrow is Milk-Bone’s classic crunchy baked biscuit. It provides the perfect crunchy shell to encase the soft marrow center. Small dogs will enjoy nibbling their way through the crunchy outside to uncover the savory marrow-y reward inside.

A Combo of Textures

With their crisp outside and smooth marrow middle, MaroSnacks offer a dynamic texture experience. The contrast between the crunchy biscuit exterior and the soft marrow filling provides sensory excitement. This tantalizing combo keeps your small dog thrilled with each scrumptious bite!

Sized for Little Dog Snacking

These mini bone-shaped biscuits are perfectly sized for small breed dogs to comfortably enjoy. Your tiny companion will delight in treats made just for their little paws and jaws. The ideal size means less breaking required – just grab and go for snacktime simplicity!

Nutritious Ingredients

In addition to real bone marrow, MaroSnacks contain essential vitamins and minerals for complete nutrition. These include vitamin D for healthy teeth and bones, vitamin E for immunity, and calcium for muscle function. Thoughtfully crafted for well-rounded nutrition.

Promotes Dental Health

The crunchy texture helps reduce tartar buildup as small dogs chew. This provides fresher breath along with yummy flavor. Chewing also stimulates saliva production to support gum health. Give your mini pup a treat that cares for their teeth.

From the Milk-Bone Brand You Trust

You can feel good rewarding your small dog with Milk-Bone MaroSnacks. As America’s #1 dog treat brand, Milk-Bone is trusted by pet parents everywhere. They hold themselves to the highest standards for safety and quality. Proudly baked in the USA.

Tail-Wagging Marrow-Filled Goodness

Make your small dog drool with MaroSnacks! These satisfyingly crunchy baked biscuits contain:

Real bone marrow center – For mouthwatering flavor
Crunchy outer biscuit – Provides texture contrast
Essential vitamins & minerals – For complete nutrition
Bite-sized shape – Perfect for small breeds
From the Milk-Bone brand you love

Grab a bag of MaroSnacks today for wag-worthy snacking!

Quality Ingredients You Can Trust

You’ll feel good giving your petite pup Milk-Bone MaroSnacks. They contain:

Real bone marrow – For natural meaty flavor
No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
Essential vitamins and minerals
Crunchy texture cleans teeth
From the #1 vet recommended brand

Thoughtfully crafted treats made just for your small furbaby!

Snacktime Excitement for Little Dogs

Your tiny companion will jump for joy when you give them a MaroSnack! As they crunch through the baked biscuit shell, they’ll discover the delicious marrow center inside. This combo of crunchy outside and soft inside provides thrill after treat-filled thrill. Bring snacking excitement to your small dog’s day with Milk-Bone MaroSnacks!

Reward Your Mini Sidekick

Show your small fry some love with Milk-Bone MaroSnacks made just for them! These perfectly sized baked biscuits are filled with real bone marrow to deliver tail-wagging flavor. The mini bones make for easy nibbling and chewing while providing a combo of tasty textures. Give your petite pal the marrow-filled rewards they deserve!


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