Milk-Bone Original Crunchy Dog Biscuits for Medium Dogs



Give your pup the simple joy of Milk-Bone’s classic original recipe baked to crunchy perfection. These timeless dog treats deliver wholesome flavor with no artificial ingredients – just simple crunchy goodness you and your dog will love.

At Milk-Bone, we’ve been crafting our original biscuits in Topeka, Kansas since 1908. Today, each batch is still made following our traditional baking process to lock in that authentic taste and texture dogs crave. Treat your medium-sized dog to the classic biscuit that started it all.

Crunchy, Ridged Biscuit Shape

These traditional bone-shaped biscuits feature the signature Milk-Bone ridged edges dogs love to nibble. We gently bake each treat to the perfect level of crunch without crumbling. The textured surface helps scrub away tartar and plaque as your dog chews, freshening their breath.

Our original recipe dog biscuits are sized just right for medium breed dogs between 25-50 pounds. The smaller biscuit size allows them to crunch and savor each tasty morsel. Keep a box handy for rewarding good behavior or sharing the simple joy of snacktime.

Delicious Original Baked Flavor

Milk-Bone biscuits are baked to savory perfection with a mouthwatering smell and taste dogs crave. We start with a simple flour and broth base to allow the wholesome aroma and flavor of baked biscuits to shine through.

Dogs go wild for these irresistible treats! As soon as you open the box, your pup will come running, eager to get their paws on these crunchy bites. Bring back the classic baked biscuit taste your dog will beg for again and again.

Made with Care in the USA

We proudly craft our original recipe Milk-Bone dog biscuits at our bakery in Topeka, Kansas. For over 100 years, baking experts here have perfected our signature crunch and flavor. We use quality ingredients and time-honored techniques to bring you authentic biscuits full of tail-wagging goodness.

Our treats are thoughtfully baked in small batches to ensure consistency and care. From mixing to packaging, every step focuses on crafting a premium biscuit your dog will love. You can feel good knowing Milk-Bone Original biscuits are made right here in the USA.

No Artificial Ingredients

You won’t find any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives in our Milk-Bone Original treats. We don’t use cheap filler ingredients or substitutes that can diminish nutrition and taste. Your dog deserves better.

That’s why we keep the ingredients simple and wholesome. Here’s what goes into each crunchy biscuit:

Ingredients: Wheat flour, wheat bran, beef fat (preserved with BHA), molasses, water, salt, calcium carbonate, minerals (zinc oxide, ferrous sulfate, copper sulfate, manganese sulfate, potassium iodide), vitamins (choline chloride, vitamin E supplement, vitamin A supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin B12 supplement, riboflavin supplement, niacin supplement, calcium pantothenate, thiamine mononitrate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid).

You can feel good knowing exactly what’s in each tasty bite. We choose only high-quality ingredients to craft biscuits made with care your dog will love.

Crunchy Dental Health Support

The crunchy texture of Milk-Bone Original biscuits provides chewing action that helps clean your dog’s teeth. As they nibble and gnaw, the ridged edges scrub away food debris and plaque. Tartar buildup is minimized, freshening your dog’s breath.

The abrasive chewing provides gum massage, circulating blood to keep gums healthy. Offering crunchy biscuits is an easy way to care for your dog’s dental health every day. Your pup’s smile will stay bright and fresh longer.

Simple, Wholesome Goodness

Give your medium-sized dog a taste of tradition with Milk-Bone Original biscuits. Their teeth will thank you, and their taste buds will rejoice! Your pup will love munching on these crunchy, crave-worthy treats baked with care.

For over 100 years, Milk-Bone has kept things simple, allowing our wholesome ingredients and authentic baking process to speak for themselves. Bring home classic original flavor your dog will adore, and share the joy of happy snacking together.


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