Milk-Bone & Pup-Peroni Mashups Dog Treats – Tasty Combo of Crunchy and Meaty



Give your dog the best of both worlds with Milk-Bone and Pup-Peroni Mashups. These oven-baked treats combine crunchy Milk-Bone biscuits with meaty Pup-Peroni morsels baked inside for a combo dogs love.

Crunchy Outside, Meaty Inside

These mashup treats feature a tasty duo of textures. The outside is crunchy Milk-Bone biscuit while the inside surprises with baked-in morsels of meaty Pup-Peroni.

Real Beef #1 Ingredient in Morsels

The Pup-Peroni morsels are made with real beef as the #1 ingredient. You can see and taste the quality beef in each savory bite. No artificial beef flavors – just delicious meaty morsels.

Delicious Chicken and Bacon Flavors

In addition to real beef, these mashups come in mouthwatering chicken and bacon flavors for a tasty twist. Give your dog a flavor variety pack they’ll go crazy for.

No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Preservatives

Both the Milk-Bone biscuits and Pup-Peroni morsels are made with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Only wholesome, natural ingredients you can feel good about.

Oven-Baked for Crunch and Chew

These treats are oven-baked to perfection to bring out the crunchy biscuit texture and seal in the flavor of the moist morsels. A delightful crunch and chew combo.

Made in the USA

You can trust these mashup treats are held to the highest standards because they are crafted right here in the USA.

5 Resealable 10 oz Bags for Value and Convenience

Get a great bulk value with 5 bags containing approx. 72 mashup treats each. Resealable bags keep treats fresh in between. Your dog will love these for months.

Vitamins and Minerals for Complete Nutrition

When enjoyed as part of a balanced diet, Milk-Bone biscuits provide 100% complete daily nutrition with vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins.

Give your dog crunchy, meaty mashup treats made from two favorite brands – Milk-Bone and Pup-Peroni. Stock up on several bags so you always have these oven-baked USA-made snacks on hand for rewarding your dog.


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