Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Meatball Dog Treats



Treat your pup to mouthwatering homestyle flavor with Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Meatball dog treats! These tasty snacks feature juicy morsels of chicken and veggies shaped into bite-sized meatballs dogs love. Made with only wholesome ingredients, they deliver tail-wagging deliciousness in every bite.

At Milo’s Kitchen, we believe dogs deserve real food treats made from only the best. That’s why we craft our meatballs using quality chicken, wholesome veggies, and no artificial ingredients. We slow cook each batch in small kettles to lock in homestyle flavor your dog will savor. Give your pup a tasty reward of protein-packed goodness!

Bite-Sized Real Chicken Meatballs

These irresistible treats feature bite-sized meatballs brimming with real chicken goodness. Each wholesome morsel contains juicy cuts of chicken blended with carrots, peas, and parsley. Your dog will delight in the flavorful combination of savory protein and natural veggies.

We gently simmer each meatball in broth to plump and tenderize the chicken inside. This locks in succulent juiciness for incredible taste in every nibble. Your pup will love savoring these bite-sized real food treats bursting with feel-good nutrition.

Slow Cooked in Homestyle Chicken Broth

What makes these meatballs extra irresistible is the real chicken broth we use for simmering. Chicken broth infuses each meatball with rich umami flavor dogs crave. The savory aroma alone will have your pup drooling!

Our broth contains no artificial flavors, colors or MSG – just real chicken goodness. We gently stew each small batch to perfection to draw out the juicy flavors. Your dog will delight in these protein-packed treats slow cooked in mouthwatering real chicken broth.

Wholesome Fruits and Vegetables

In addition to real chicken, we blend in carrots, peas, and parsley to create a balanced meatball bursting with flavors and nutrition. Veggies provide important antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals for your dog’s overall wellness.

Carrots give each meatball a wholesome sweetness while peas add texture and chlorophyll. Parsley contributes a fresh, aromatic note. Together, they create tasty variety in flavors and textures your dog will love. Real fruits and veggies provide delicious nutrition they’ll enjoy.

Made with No Artificial Ingredients

You can feel good rewarding your pup with Milo’s Kitchen treats, because we use no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. We don’t use filler ingredients like corn or wheat. Our short list of wholesome ingredients lets the real chicken and veggie flavors shine through.

We thoughtfully prepare each batch from scratch using kitchen quality standards. Feel confident treating your dog to meatballs slow cooked in savory homestyle goodness with no unwanted additives. Just real food, prepared with care.

A Tasty Treat You Both Will Love

Show your furry best friend how much you care by sharing Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Meatball treats today! Your pup will come running when they smell the mouthwatering aroma of these juicy morsels. Watch their tail wag as they nibble each tasty nugget packed with good nutrition.

Your dog deserves real food treats made just for them. With Milo’s Kitchen meatballs, you can reward your pup with protein-rich deliciousness free of artificial ingredients. Their belly and taste buds will thank you!


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