Minties VetIQ Dental Bones for Medium & Large Dogs Over 40 lbs – Freshens Breath While Cleaning Teeth



Does your dog’s breath make you turn away? Those smelly doggy kisses letting you know it’s time for better dental care? With 40 veterinarian-recommended Minties Dental Bones, now you can clean your medium or large dog’s teeth AND freshen breath in one delicious daily treat.

Vet-Recommended Doggy Dental Care

Formulated for dogs over 40 pounds, Minties VetIQ Dental Bones provide complete oral care including:

  • Freshening dog breath naturally
  • Reducing plaque and tartar buildup
  • Massaging gums for improved dental health

These satisfying chews feature an innovative bone shape that cleans down to the gumline as your dog chews, reducing plaque and massaging gums. The abrasive texture also helps scrub away tartar and fight bad breath germs.

Dog Breath Fresheners, Not Maskers

Minties dental chews contain no masking agents or temporary fresheners. Instead, they feature 5 vet-recommended botanicals to naturally neutralize odors and promote clean breath from within:

  • Parsley
  • Fennel
  • Dill
  • Peppermint
  • Alfalfa

As your dog chews, these antibacterial plants release essential oils and chlorophyll to deter bacteria growth while balancing oral pH for a cleaner, healthier mouth all day long.

Cleans and Deters Plaque and Tartar

The ingenious shape and texture of Minties Dental Bones provide a gentle yet effective teeth cleaning. As your dog chews, the treat’s nubs and ridges scrub away soft plaque from the surfaces of the teeth.

Their crisp texture also provides resistance to scrape away accumulations of tartar and massage gums. Unlike hard chews that can fracture teeth, Minties have just the right chewability to clean thoroughly while remaining gentle on tooth enamel.

Fights Bad Breath from the Inside Out

Dental problems often begin below the gumline where brushing can’t reach. Bacteria grows in pockets between the teeth and gums, releasing sulfur compounds that cause bad breath. Minties unique bone shape presses along the gumline to dislodge trapped debris and disrupt bacterial colonies below.

Natural breath fresheners parsley, fennel, dill, peppermint, and alfalfa work from the inside out to neutralize odors at the source for clean breath that lasts. With regular daily chewing, you’ll notice cleaner teeth, healthier gums, AND your dog’s stinky dog breath disappearing.

Delicious Daily Dental Care Dogs Love

Minties aren’t just effective – they’re also delicious! Made in the USA, these satisfying chews contain no wheat, corn or soy. We only use high-quality ingredients dogs love to ensure your furkid enjoys their daily dental care.

Ideal for medium to large breed dogs over 40 lbs, each bag contains 40 veterinarian-recommended dental bones to support better oral health. Give one dental bone per day and watch your dog’s dental health improve. It’s the tastiest way to cleaner teeth and fresher breath!

From the Makers of C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews

Produced by Virbac, the makers of popular C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews, Minties VetIQ Dental Bones offer complete oral care senior dogs need. Our dedication to pet health shines through in every veterinarian-recommended dental chew.

We’re committed to providing the highest quality ingredients and products for pets of every life stage. If for any reason Minties don’t freshen your dog’s breath or improve their oral health, just let us know. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Give your medium or large dog a smile that says “Yes!” to delicious kisses again. With their innovative bone shape, tooth-cleaning texture, and natural breath fresheners, Minties Dental Bones are the tastiest way to improve your dog’s oral health one chew at a time.


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