MON2SUN Chicken Breast Rawhide Twists – Low Fat, Natural Dog Treats for Your Pup’s Chewing Pleasure



Does your pup go crazy for chicken? Do they love to chew for hours on end? Then your furry friend needs MON2SUN Chicken Breast Rawhide Twists in their life!

These natural, high protein treats wrap 100% real chicken breast around a delicious rawhide stick. They provide a tasty chewing challenge that cleans teeth and satisfies dogs of all sizes.

With 40 twists per pack, you get plenty of chews to last for weeks of fun. Give them out as special snacks or use them for regular teeth-cleaning sessions. Either way, your dog will jump for joy when they see these tasty twists come out!

Natural Chicken and Rawhide Keep Dogs Busy and Happy

MON2SUN Chicken Twists start with thin strips of premium rawhide wrapped around chunks of real chicken breast. The rawhide provides a long-lasting chew experience while the chicken adds irresistible flavor.

Dogs go crazy for the taste and will work hard to reach the chicken in the center. This keeps them entertained for hours while satisfying their natural desire to chew. The rawhide also scrapes away plaque and tartar as they gnaw, helping to clean teeth and freshen doggy breath.

The twists are made from natural ingredients with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. You can feel good knowing your dog is enjoying a wholesome, high protein treat.

Ideal Size for Small and Medium Dogs

At 5 inches long, these chews are designed for little mouths. They’re the perfect size for small and medium dog breeds under 40 pounds.

Larger dogs may gobble them up too quickly or even try to swallow them whole. For big dogs, go with a larger rawhide option to avoid choking hazards. But for petite pups, these chicken twists make a fun and stimulating snack.

Puppies also go wild for the tasty chicken and moderate rawhide chewing challenge. Supervise your pup to ensure they don’t bite off more than they can handle. For avid power chewers, provide adequate chew time to avoid gulping.

Keep Your Pup Busy and Out of Trouble

Dogs need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. But giving them that daily activity can be hard, especially if your schedule keeps you busy. Chicken rawhide twists offer an easy way to keep your pooch enriched and entertained while you’re away or just need some quiet time.

Hand one over when you have to take an important call or finish up chores. The long-lasting chew experience will keep your dog occupied so they’re not bouncing off the walls or getting into mischief. They’ll look forward to chewing time as a fun solo activity.

Stash a few twists in your bag so you have an instant distraction ready when out and about. They make vet visits, car rides and other excursions more enjoyable for an antsy, anxious pup.

You can also use chicken twists for crate training and separation anxiety relief. The chew gives dogs comfort and helps them pass the time whenyou have to leave them alone.

Bond and Reward Your Dog with a Tasty Treat

Mealtimes aren’t the only chance to bond with your furry friend. Use MON2SUN Chicken Twists as special snacks for quality one-on-one time together. Find a comfy spot, get down on your pup’s level, and share a chew session.

As you pet, praise and watch your dog enjoy their treat, your bond will grow stronger. It’s also a great opportunity to practice training cues like “leave it” and “drop it.” Reward your pup with chickeny goodness when they listen well.

Chicken twists make great incentives for crate and potty training too. Toss one in your pup’s crate so they associate it with positivity. Offer pieces to reinforce desired behaviors like going potty outside. Your dog will catch on fast when you use yummy twists to motivate them.

Shop Chewy for Fast, Free Shipping

Get your paws on MON2SUN Chicken Breast Rawhide Twists exclusively at They offer speedy shipping straight to your door at no extra cost.

Chewy’s friendly customer service team is also available 24/7 in case you have any questions or concerns. They love taking care of pets and pet parents!

Place your order today and your pup will be enjoying delicious chickeny chewing fun within days. Isn’t it time you discovered the tail-wagging joy of MON2SUN Chicken Twists? Get a bag now and make your dog’s day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What size dogs are chicken twists suitable for?

MON2SUN Chicken Twists are ideal for small and medium breed dogs under 40 pounds. Supervise larger dogs to ensure safe chewing.

How long will one twist last my dog?

Chewing time varies based on your dog’s size and chewing habits. Small dogs can chew one twist for 30+ minutes. Adjust quantities as needed.

Are the twists messy? Will they stain?

Some dogs slobber more than others while chewing. Have water nearby for rinsing and supervise to avoid stains.

Can I feed rawhide twists every day?

In moderation. 1-2 twists per day is fine. Limit portions to avoid overindulging and gastrointestinal issues.

What ingredients are in the rawhide?

MON2SUN Chicken Twists contain natural rawhide and real chicken. No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.


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