MON2SUN Chicken Dumbbell Dog Treats – Rawhide Chews with Chicken & Rice for Small Breed Dogs



Give your small dog a tasty chew that cleans teeth while satisfying urges with MON2SUN Chicken Dumbbell Treats. Savory chicken breast and wholesome brown rice are wrapped around a premium rawhide stick in a cute dumbbell shape your dog will love.

Sized at 2.5 inches, these petite chicken-flavored rawhide chews are ideal for small breed adult dogs and puppies. The rawhide promotes dental health while the chicken and rice provide supplemental nutrition.

Made with Real Chicken for Irresistible Flavor

We start with premium quality rawhide sticks sourced from grass-fed USA cattle. Next, we wrap thin slices of delicious chicken breast fillets and brown rice around the rawhide center.

Dogs delight in the mouthwatering chicken flavor combined with the wholesome taste of nutritious rice. The high-protein chicken and rice deliver extra nutrition to make these chews even more appetizing.

Promotes Dental Health While Chewing

The rawhide stick’s firm texture gently scrapes away plaque and tartar as your dog chews, cleaning even hard-to-reach back teeth. Chewing also produces saliva to wash away bacteria and debris for fresher dog breath.

Over time, consistently chewing these chicken dumbbell treats will reduce plaque buildup for better dental hygiene. Give your pup something tasty to gnaw on while improving their oral health.

Wholesome Brown Rice and Chicken

We wrap each rawhide stick with premium brown rice along with savory chicken breast. Brown rice provides a wholesome source of fiber, manganese, selenium and antioxidants.

The nutritious rice and high-protein chicken make these chews great for both puppies and adult dogs. Brown rice is easier to digest than corn or wheat alternatives.

Convenient Resealable Packaging

MON2SUN Chicken Dumbbell Dog Treats come in a handy 16 oz resealable pouch to maintain freshness between chew sessions. The reclosable bag prevents odor escape and locks in the chicken flavor.

Easily toss a pouch in your treat bag or take along for walks, road trips, or camping with your pup. No refrigeration required after opening.

From a Name You Can Trust

With over 20 years as a leading maker of nutritious dog chews and snacks, you can trust MON2SUN to craft treats both pets and parents love. We only use high-quality ingredients from reputable suppliers.

All our products are proudly made in the USA following strict quality control and food safety standards. We’re committed to your dog’s health, happiness, and chewing satisfaction!


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