MON2SUN Chicken Wrapped Cod Sticks – Delicious Rawhide-Free Chews for Dogs



Treat your dog to wholesome chewing fun with MON2SUN Chicken Wrapped Cod Sticks. These rawhide-free chews wrap premium cod in real chicken breast for a tasty, nutritious snack.

The thin cod sticks are low in fat yet packed with protein and essential Omega-3s. Real chicken adds irresistible flavor dogs love. Give your pup a superfood chew that satisfies their instincts in a healthier way.

With a bag of 40 cod sticks, you’ll have plenty of rewards and distractions on hand. Show your dog you care by choosing a treat made with only natural, high-quality ingredients.

Rawhide-Free for Delicate Teeth and Digestion

As dogs age, rawhide can become too hard on their teeth and digestion. MON2SUN Chicken Wrapped Cod Sticks offer a rawhide-free alternative perfect for senior dogs.

The soft but chewy cod sticks are gentle on delicate teeth but still provide satisfying chewing action. Dogs experience less plaque and tartar buildup for better dental health.

Cod is also highly digestible compared to tough rawhide and gentler on sensitive stomachs. The omega-3 fatty acids support skin and coat health too.

This superfood chew gives older dogs all the chewing benefits they crave without the downsides of rawhide. It’s a treat they’ll love that loves them back!

Real Chicken Breast Wrapped Around Cod

These natural chews start with premium cod sticks wrapped in savory chicken breast. The thin cod provides a chewy but not too hard texture dogs adore.

Real chicken adds a juicy meaty flavor that makes these chews irresistible. It also supplies extra protein for strong muscles and an all-around balanced diet.

MON2SUN only uses high-quality, natural ingredients in their chews. You can feel confident rewarding your dog with a wholesome treat that’s truly good for them.

Perfect Size for Small and Elderly Dogs

At just 4.5-4.7 inches long, these chews are sized for little mouths. They give smaller dogs, elderly dogs, and those with dental issues an easy chewing experience.

The chicken and cod lasts a satisfying 30 minutes or more but isn’t so large it poses a choking risk. As always, supervise your dog anytime you give chews or edible treats.

For larger or aggressive chewers, select a more robust option. But for gentle senior chewing, these perfectly sized sticks hit the mark.

Keep Your Dog Comforted and Calm

Chewing satisfies a natural instinct in dogs and has calming, stress-relieving effects. When left home alone or traveling in the car or crate, chewing helps soothe anxious dogs.

Give your pup a chicken wrapped cod stick when you go out or during vet visits to keep them comfortable and distracted. The chews ease separation anxiety and make new situations less stressful.

The tasty chicken flavor will capture their attention while the chewing action mellows worried minds. Your dog may not even notice you’ve left when they’re immersed in chewing happiness.

Shop Chewy for Unbeatable Service

Experience convenience and care when you shop Chewy for MON2SUN Chicken Wrapped Cod Sticks. Their fast, free shipping and top-rated customer service make ordering a breeze.

Sign up for Autoship to receive automatic deliveries when treats run low. You can also save money by joining the Chewy membership program.

Do your dog a favor and get MON2SUN Chicken Wrapped Cod Sticks delivered direct to your door. Their tail wags and big smiles will show their chicken-cod appreciation!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shelf life of cod sticks?

Unopened, they last for 12 months from production date. Once opened, store in a sealed container for freshness.

How long will one cod stick occupy my dog?

Chewing time varies but expect around 30 minutes of chewing per stick.

Are the ingredients all natural?

Yes, the only ingredients are cod and real chicken. No artificial additives or preservatives.

Can my large dog eat these if I supervise?

We recommend larger, more robust chews for big dogs to avoid choking risks.

Do the sticks need refrigerated?

No. Store in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight until ready to use. Refrigeration is not required.


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