MON2SUN Mini Rawhide Knot Bones for Puppy & Small Dogs – 100 Count Value Pack of Natural Chews



Give your small pup the long-lasting chewing satisfaction they crave with MON2SUN Rawhide Knot Bones. Perfectly sized at 2.5 inches, these mini knotted bones provide hours of blissful chewing time for small breed dogs.

Made from premium rawhide, these knot bones help curb destructive chewing while removing plaque and tartar from teeth. This value pack contains 100 naturally knotted mini bones to keep tiny pups happily occupied for days.

Small Dog-Friendly Size, Perfect for Puppies

At just 2.5 inches long, these petite rawhide bones give little mouths the right-sized chew they love without overwhelming them. The mini knot bone size is ideal for:

  • Puppies of all breeds
  • Adult toy breeds under 15 lbs
  • Chihuahuas, Terriers, Mini Dachshunds
  • Senior small dogs with weaker jaws

Pups can comfortably grip and gnaw the knot center for hours of chewing entertainment. No more struggling with chews that are too big or hard.

Promotes Dental Health While Satisfying Chewers

The rawhide knot texture gently scrapes tartar from teeth and provides chewing resistance to strengthen jaws. As your pup works the bone, the natural abrasives massage gums and help freshen doggy breath.

Made from long-lasting USA beefhide, these small rawhide bones keep diminutive dogs contently occupied for days with a chew designed just for them. Your destructive chewer will be thrilled with a chew that satisfies their urges.

100% Natural USA Rawhide Bones

MON2SUN uses only premium quality rawhide from grass-fed cattle raised in the USA without added hormones or antibiotics. Our strict quality control ensures:

  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Gently processed to maintain natural protein
  • Low-fat rawhide for nutritious chewing

You can feel good giving your small pup these natural USA-sourced rawhide bones. We take extra care to produce quality chews you can trust.

Keeps Little Dogs Busy for Hours

Thanks to the irresistible knotted shape, these long-lasting mini bones will keep tiny chewers contently occupied for hours. The textured surface scrapes away plaque while the knotted ends provide endless chewing entertainment.

Stash these petite knot bones in a treat bag for rewarding good behavior or hand one over when your little rascal gets the chew crazies. Providing appropriate outlets for chewing urges prevents destructive behaviors in anxious pups.

Give your diminutive dogs days of chewing fun with MON2SUN Rawhide Knot Bones. Their petite size and stimulating knotted texture keeps even the most determined small chewers happily engaged.

From a Leader in Quality Chews

With over 20 years crafting nutritious animal chews, you can trust MON2SUN to create quality snacks dogs love. We use only the best ingredients under strict quality control right here in the USA.

If your pup doesn’t go crazy for these satisfying mini knot bones, just contact us for a refund. We stand behind making quality chews that pets and their parents love. Provide hour after hour of chewing enjoyment with MON2SUN Rawhide Knot Bones for little pups!


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