MON2SUN Triple Flavor Rawhide Twists – Chicken, Duck & Liver for Exciting Variety



Treat your dog to a flavor fiesta with MON2SUN’s Triple Flavor Rawhide Twists! These natural rawhide chews wrap delicious chicken, duck and liver in layers for a taste sensation your pup will love.

The 30-count pack provides long-lasting chewing entertainment. Give your dog variety and excitement at snack time as they work through chicken, duck and liver flavors. Their wagging tails and smiling faces will tell you these twists are a hit!

Three Delicious Flavors in One Chew

Chicken, duck and liver bring tasty triple flavor to these healthy baked rawhide twists. Real chicken and duck add protein-rich flavor, while liver gives an irresistible kick dogs crave.

Your pup will keep coming back for more as they discover the layers of different flavors in each chew. The rawhide brings a texture dogs love while cleaning teeth for fresher doggy breath.

Only natural ingredients are used with no artificial additives. Give your dog wholesome chewing enjoyment with quality ingredients you can trust.

Ideal Chew For Small and Medium Dogs

At 5 inches long, Triple Flavor Twists are sized just right for little mouths. They give small and medium dogs an optimal chewing challenge without being too bulky.

The chews pose a choking risk for larger breed dogs who may gulp them down. Supervise pets under 40 pounds to ensure safe, fun chewing. Monitor usage to avoid overindulging.

For strong chewers, provide adequate chew time so they don’t bite off more than they should. These flavor-packed twists will keep them gnawing happily for 30 minutes or more.

Supports Dental Health While Dogs Play

Chewing rawhide scrapes away plaque and tartar from dog teeth for better oral hygiene. The gnawing action also stimulates gums and improves overall dental health.

Dogs will be having so much fun enjoying the triple chicken, duck and liver flavors, they won’t even realize the dental benefits! You’ll notice cleaner teeth and fresher dog breath over time.

The chewing action also satisfies your dog’s instinctual need to gnaw and plays an important role in relieving anxiety and stress. Keep your pup happy by letting them dig into these tasty twists anytime.

Bond with Your Dog at Treat Time

Mealtimes aren’t the only chance to connect with your furry friend. Use Triple Flavor Twists at playtime for quality bonding and positive reinforcement.

Sit with your pup while they enjoy their chew and shower them with praise and affection. The one-on-one attention will strengthen your relationship. You can also practice training cues like “leave it” and “drop it” with tasty incentive.

Make chewing time extra fun by getting down on your dog’s level. Let them gnaw one end while you hold the other. This interactive play will thrill your pup and help satisfy their instinct to tug and pull.

Long Lasting – Keeps Dogs Busy for Hours

A bored dog can lead to bad behavior like chewing, digging and barking. Keep your pooch happy and out of trouble with the long-lasting challenge of Triple Flavor Twists.

The rawhide and real meat last for hours of blissful chewing entertainment. Dogs will be enthralled unraveling the layers of flavor. These twists buy you time to finish household chores and other tasks without worry.

The chews also provide positive stimulation when crated or alone. They ease anxiety and give dogs something fun to do, preventing destructive habits. Bring them along in the car or out and about for on-the-go distraction.

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Become a Chewy member and save even more on future deliveries. You can also set up Autoship to have new treats automatically delivered right when you need them.

Treat your special pup to MON2SUN Triple Flavor Twists today and make snacktime the best part of their day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the twists safe for puppies?

Supervise puppies under 8 months. Adjust size as needed to avoid choking hazards.

How long will one twist keep my dog busy?

Chewing time varies, but expect at least 30 minutes of entertainment per twist.

What are the ingredients in the twists?

Natural rawhide, chicken, duck, and liver. No artificial additives or preservatives.

Will the chews stain my furniture or carpets?

Supervise chewing and provide a chew mat to protect surfaces from slobber and stains.

How often can I give rawhide twists?

1-2 twists daily is fine. Limit portions to prevent overindulging and tummy upsets.


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