Mruq Pet 100pcs Mini Dog Bows – Adorable Assorted Rubber Band Hair Bows for Small Dogs



Give your pint-sized pup a big style makeover with this 100-piece set of darling dog bows from Mruq Pet. Perfect for small dog breeds, these mini bows feature stretchy rubber bands for easy application and a variety of colors, patterns and embellishments to dress up your dog’s look.

Mix and match the assorted styles to create custom fashions that show off your furry friend’s personality. These playful bows will get tons of compliments!

100 Cute Bow Styles and Colors

This set contains 50 pairs of miniature bows in a rainbow of colors and pretty prints like polka dots, hearts, plaid, florals and solids.

Accent shades include pink, purple, blue, green and more to complement your pup’s coat. Delicate embellishments like beads, lace and rhinestones add darling girly accents.

With two of each design, you can match bows or create fun mix-and-match combos. Change up their look daily!

Designed for Small Dog Breeds

Measuring approximately 1.37 x 0.98 inches each, these mini bows are perfect for petite breeds like Yorkies, Maltese, Chihuahuas, Papillons, Toy Poodles, Shih Tzus, Pomeranians, and more.

The small size allows you to accessorize your pint-sized pup without overwhelming them or obstructing their vision.

Quick and Gentle Rubber Band Application

Securing these bows only takes seconds thanks to the stretchy rubber band design. Just open the band, gather a section of hair, pull the band over and release to keep bows firmly in place.

No tricky clips or ties needed! The soft elastic won’t pull or irritate, even with constant movement.

Durable Handmade Quality

Expertly crafted by hand, these bows are made from soft, high-quality ribbon material that retains its vibrant color and smooth texture with repeated use.

Embellishments are securely attached so they won’t fall off. The gentle rubber bands provide a comfortable grip.

Cute Daily Grooming Accessory

While perfect for dressing up for special occasions, these darling bows also work fabulously for everyday grooming. Use them to section off hair and keep it out of your pup’s sweet face.

Pop them in when bathing or brushing to keep hair contained. Adds flair to basic hairstyles!

Fun Gift for Pet Parents

Know someone who loves styling their pooch? This assorted set makes a wonderful gift! With 100 mix-and-match bows, they can create new combo looks daily.

It’s sure to make both pet and owner smile. Spread the bow love!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Mruq Pet stands behind the quality of these bows. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, contact us for a replacement set or refund.

Give your tiny pup big personality with these playful bows! Add this 100-piece set to your cart now.


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