Musher’s Secret All Natural Moisturizing Dog Paw Wax – 16oz Tub



Give your active dog superior paw protection with Musher’s Secret 16oz Paw Wax. This concentrated formula deeply moisturizes, creates a protective barrier, and speeds healing of cracked pads. Your dog will be ready for any adventure in this veterinarian-recommended balm made in Canada.

Heals Cracked Paws Fast

Does your dog suffer from irritated, cracked paw pads? This rich salve provides soothing relief while powerfully healing cracks. Antimicrobial properties prevent infection while oils deeply condition dried skin. Safe for hot spots and cuts too.

All-Natural Ingredients

Musher’s Secret contains only natural waxes and oils like soybean oil, vitamin E, and carnauba wax. It was originally created for Canadian sled dogs needing rugged paw protection. Now this proven formula brings relief to pets worldwide. Made in Canada.

Moisturizes with Vitamin E & Oils

A precisely blended mix of nourishing oils and waxes intensely hydrates dry, rough paws. Vitamin E and oils replenish moisture lost from frequent activity. Conditions paws to be supple, soft, and protected from harsh elements.

Forms Long-Lasting Protective Barrier

This wax coats paws with an invisible, breathable barrier that prevents burning and abrasion from hot pavement, snow, ice, salt, and rough terrain. Allows dogs to walk in comfort no matter the weather or surface.

Veterinarian Recommended

Veterinarians worldwide recommend Musher’s Secret for effectively caring for dog paws. This top selling formula is trusted by professional mushers, hunters, police K9 units, shelters, and dog owners to heal cracked pads fast.

For All Dog Breeds, All Seasons

This versatile wax works for all dog breeds year-round. Use in summer to protect paws on hot walks and sandy beaches. Apply in winter for snow days and to prevent salt and deicer burns. Suitable for big and small dogs alike.

Apply to Paws, Elbows, & Noses

This multi-use formula can be used on paws, dry elbows, and sensitive noses too. Soothe callused elbows and shield tender noses from snow and sunburn. Massage into pads before and after exercise for complete care.

How to Use:

Apply to clean, dry paws before going outside. Reapply after returning home or as needed. For best results, use daily. Safe if licked but avoid ingestion. Store at room temperature.


Oils of soybean, beeswax, vitamin E, carnauba wax

Key Benefits:

  • All-natural, GMO-free formula
  • Soothes, relieves, and heals cracked pads
  • Conditions paws with natural oils
  • Provides long-lasting protection
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Made in Canada for over 30 years

Give your dog happy, healthy paws with Musher’s Secret 16oz Paw Wax. It heals cracks fast, moisturizes deeply, and protects paws from elements so your pup stays active all year long. Order now!


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