MySimplePetLab Dog Fiber Soft Chews – Vet Approved Supplement for Healthy Digestion



Support your pup’s digestive health the easy way with MySimplePetLab Dog Fiber Soft Chews. These natural fiber supplements promote regular bowel movements in dogs with tasty chewable treats.

Crafted with a proprietary blend of prebiotic and probiotic fibers, these vet-formulated chews provide total gut support. They help gently move food through the digestive tract to maintain normal bathroom routine.

Made in the USA, these chicken-flavored chews contain only natural ingredients with no fillers. Give your dog daily digestive care that even picky pups love!

Vet-Recommended Formula for Bowel Regularity

MySimplePetLab chews are formulated by veterinarians to give dogs a balanced source of soluble and insoluble fiber. This combination absorbs water in the colon and adds bulky texture to stool.

Soluble psyllium husk and beet pulp provide prebiotic nutrition to feed healthy gut bacteria. Insoluble dandelion root and pumpkin gently stimulate the colon for more regular bowel movements.

With continued daily use, fiber chews promote optimal stool quality and consistency while allowing waste to easily pass. Help your pup stay regular and comfortable.

Supports the Entire Digestive System

Fiber doesn’t just keep stool moving smoothly. It provides total gastrointestinal support for optimal nutrient absorption and waste elimination.

The prebiotic fibers nourish probiotic gut flora, which crowds out bad bacteria and eases digestion. Fiber also helps dogs feel full longer by slowing gastric emptying.

Soft chews make an easy addition to your dog’s daily routine. They’ll reap the rewards of better gut health, improved metabolism, and fewer bathroom troubles.

Irresistible Taste Dogs Love

Picky pups go crazy for the mouthwatering chicken flavoring in these fiber chews. They taste like an irresistible treat – not bland medicine!

The chewable texture is easy to bite, chew, and swallow for all size dogs over 12 weeks old. Gentle enough even for sensitive tummies.

To entice your pup, simply mix in with their kibble or offer as a tasty snack between meals. Most dogs eagerly gobble them right up at treat time!

Only Natural Ingredients

You’ll feel good giving your dog these chews knowing they contain zero artificial additives. Made in the USA, they undergo extensive quality testing for safety.

The main fiber sources – psyllium husk, beet pulp, dandelion root and pumpkin – are all-natural nutritional powerhouses. There are no mystery ingredients.

Dogs reap all the benefits of supplemental fiber with none of the drawbacks of low-quality fillers. You get peace of mind along with optimal digestion.

Simple Yet Effective Digestive Care

True to their name, MySimplePetLab products provide simplified solutions for common pet health issues. Their fiber soft chews make supporting your dog’s digestion incredibly easy.

Just give 1-2 chews per day based on your dog’s weight. That’s it! No mixing powders, pills, or mess. Regular use maintains healthy poop schedule.

Treat your pup and their gut right with vet-approved MySimplePetLab Dog Fiber Chews. Order today for fast, free shipping when you shop on Amazon!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many chews should I give my dog daily?

Give 1 chew for dogs under 25 lbs, 2 chews for dogs over 25 lbs daily.

When will I see results from the chews?

Effects are gradual, but you should notice improvements in stool quality/regularity within 1-2 weeks.

What is the shelf life of the chews?

Unopened, the chews stay fresh for 18 months from manufacturing date.

Can I give fiber chews long term?

Yes, they are safe for long term daily use. Monitor your dog and adjust as needed.

Do the chews require refrigeration?

No. Store in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight for freshness.


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