NACOCO Dog Shark Costume Cute Pet Clothes Halloween Holiday Coat Hoodie for Cats and Dogs



Does your dog love to dress up? Do you want an adorable costume that will make your pup the star of Halloween? Then your furry friend needs the NACOCO Dog Shark Costume! This creative costume will transform your dog into a fierce but cute shark dog.

Super Adorable Shark Dog Look

Made from soft, high-quality cashmere velvet material, this shark costume is both comfortable for your dog and incredibly cute. The hood has an adorable shark face, complete with eyes, nose, and sharp teeth. The back and sides are designed to look like a shark’s body and tail. Your pup will look like a shark gobbled them up, with just their cute head popping out!

Friends, family, and neighbors will all want pictures with your shark dog. The costume is easily adjustable for a great fit. Simply use the Velcro closures on the belly and neck to get the perfect size. The costume is so clever and creative – perfect for Halloween fun or just dressing up for any occasion!

Cozy and Comfortable Material

The soft, plush cashmere velvet material used in this shark costume will keep your dog warm and cozy. It’s high-quality and durable, made to last through years of dress-up. The velvet won’t irritate your dog’s skin or cause overheating.

Whether your dog is small or large, young or old, the fabric provides both comfort and flexibility. Dogs can move freely and the material won’t restrict movement. So your pup can comfortably wear this costume all day long whether trick-or-treating, attending pet parades, or just hanging out.

Fun for Cats Too!

While this adorable shark costume is designed for dogs, creative cat owners have also found it’s perfect for turning kitties into shark cats! With a few adjustments, you can create a clever look for your feline. Simply be sure to monitor your cat while wearing the costume and remove it if they seem distressed.

Different Size Options

The NACOCO Dog Shark Costume comes in sizes XS to XL so you can get just the right fit for your pet. Measure your dog before ordering and refer to the size chart to choose the perfect size.

For example, the medium size fits chest circumferences of 16.5 inches, neck circumferences of 11 inches, and a back circumference of 10.6 inches. Your pooch will look scary-good without being uncomfortable.

High Quality Materials

This dog shark costume is made from premium materials designed to last. The cashmere velvet fabric is:

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Flexible and breathable
  • Durable and wrinkle-resistant
  • Vibrant, fade-resistant colors

The hood features a wired rim so you can adjust the perfect shark shape. Foam filling gives the body dimension. And high-density cotton and nylon ensure a cozy fit.

With its quality construction, this costume can be enjoyed Halloween after Halloween! It makes a great addition to your pet’s dress-up collection.

More Than Just Halloween

While this shark dog costume is perfect for Halloween, it can bring joy all year long! Use it for:

  • Dog birthday parties
  • Pet parades and contests
  • Christmas celebrations
  • Photo shoots and family gatherings
  • Sporting events and tailgating parties
  • School events and nursing home visits

Wherever you and your dog go year-round, this costume makes a fun and memorable addition!

Easy On and Off

This shark costume couldn’t be simpler to get on and off your pet. Just slip it on over their head and use the Velcro closures on the belly and neck to secure the fit they need. No difficult stepping into costumes or wrestling with your dog!

The Velcro also ensures you get the costume on straight each time. Choose how much of your dog you want peeking through the shark’s “mouth” for the perfect silly shark dog look.

Your pup can go from cute doggy to shark dog in seconds with this easy on and off design. And you don’t have to worry about any difficult costumes changes between events or activities.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

NACOCO provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee on this shark dog costume. If you are not thoroughly impressed with the costume’s quality, design, and effectiveness at transforming your dog into an adorable shark, simply return it for a full refund or replacement.

We aim to make you and your dog happy!

Bring Some Shark Fun to Your Pup’s Life!

Don’t you want to see the joy this costume brings your dog and the delight it sparks in all who see your shark dog? With its clever design, premium quality, comfort, and cuteness, this NACOCO Shark Costume is sure to be a hit wherever your dog goes.

Get your paws on this must-have costume today and be prepared for lots of fun adventures, tail wags, laughs, and memories with your happy shark dog!


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