NACOCO Large Dog Raincoat Adjustable Pet Water Proof Clothes Lightweight Rain Jacket Poncho Hoodies



Keep your large dog dry on rainy adventures with the NACOCO Dog Raincoat. This adjustable rain jacket poncho provides total waterproof protection in wet weather.

Professional Grade Waterproof Material

The NACOCO dog raincoat is constructed from professional-grade waterproof fabric engineered for outdoor use. The 3-layer bonded fabric is 100% waterproof to block rain, snow, and moisture.

Your dog will stay completely dry, even in heavy downpours or storms. The interior lining also wicks away moisture and sweat. Large air vents enhance breathability to prevent overheating.

This isn’t a cheap plastic poncho – it’s a professional-quality raincoat built for protection and performance. The durable material withstands frequent use in rough weather.

Secure, Customizable Fit

Getting the right fit is easy with the fully adjustable belly strap and leg straps. Cinch the straps to customized the raincoat’s shape and size for your dog’s body. This ensures total coverage and protection.

The neck strap is also adjustable for the perfect fit. Your dog can run, jump, and play without the raincoat shifting or riding up. Adjustments can be made in seconds for convenience.

Reflective Strips for Safety

This raincoat ensures your dog’s safety with highly reflective strips. The reflective material covers the back of the jacket and the hood. At night or in low visibility, car headlights and flashlights brightly illuminate the reflective strips.

This makes your dog highly visible in the dark for accident prevention. The bright yellow color provides added visibility on gray rainy days.

Generous Size Range

The NACOCO dog raincoat is available in sizes from XS to XXL to fit any large breed. Refer to the size chart and measure your dog prior to ordering.

For example, the XL size fits chest circumferences of 34.4 – 36.2 inches, neck circumferences of 18.1- 25.2 inches, and back lengths of 23.4 inches. With this wide range, you can find the ideal rain protection.

Practical Design

This raincoat is designed for convenience, coverage, and performance. Key features include:

  • Attached hood for protecting the head
  • Elastic leg holes for easy on/off
  • Velcro belly closure for fit
  • High-cut tail opening for bathroom needs

The thoughtful design accounts for real-world use. Your dog can comfortably wear this rain jacket all day in pouring rain if needed.

More Than Just Rain

While perfect as rain protection, this NACOCO dog coat also works great for:

  • Chilly early morning walks
  • Brisk autumn outings
  • Dry baths and grooming
  • Visits to muddy or dusty areas
  • Keeping furniture and car interiors clean

It helps keep your large dog’s body dry and clean in many situations beyond the rain. Use it year-round for handy protection.

Durable Performance

This isn’t a cheap disposable poncho that falls apart after one use. The high-performance material is extremely durable to withstand regular use in all weather conditions. Key features include:

  • Snag-resistant
  • Tear-resistant
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Abrasion-resistant

Your active, large dog can romp and play while staying protected. The raincoat can handle rugged outdoor adventures.

Machine Washable & Reusable

When it’s time to clean up, just detach the Velcro closures and toss this raincoat into the washing machine. It’s safe to machine wash and dry.

Wash after wet or dirty adventures to keep it fresh and clean for the next use. With proper care, this rain jacket delivers reliable wet weather performance for years.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

This NACOCO dog raincoat is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, return for a full refund or replacement.

Get Rain Protection Tailored for Your Large Dog

Don’t let rainy days keep your big dog stuck inside. With the NACOCO Dog Raincoat, your furry friend can enjoy the outdoors rain or shine. This adjustable poncho provides customized protection and visibility for safety and comfort. Order today to get your large dog ready for wet weather adventures!


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