NAMSAN Adjustable Helmet for Small Dogs & Cats – Protective Bike & Motorcycle Head Gear



Safety First! Protect Your Pet with the NAMSAN Adjustable Helmet

Rolling along on bike rides or motorcycle adventures with your favorite furry co-pilot? Ensure their safety and comfort with the NAMSAN Adjustable Helmet for Small Dogs and Cats!

Expertly designed for pets, this helmet features premium materials and craftsmanship. The sturdy ABS plastic shell resists impact and punctures, while the inner sponge padding absorbs shock. Built-in vents allow airflow to keep your pet cool.

Fully adjustable nylon straps and a snap-together buckle ensure a custom fit. Just adjust the chin straps to gently hug your pet’s head without pinching. No more helmets bouncing around or blocking their vision!

Give your pet peace of mind on outdoor adventures with protection from the sun, wind, and debris. The NAMSAN Helmet coordinates perfectly with our pet goggles for full head-to-toe protection.

Make sure your pet’s head and eyes are shielded whether you’re cruising the neighborhood, hiking nature trails or exploring new destinations. The open top allows their ears to stay perked for hearing important sounds.

The smooth outer surface also provides the perfect canvas for adding decorative touches! Personalize with pet name stickers or seasonal decorations. Affix fun motifs like flags, flowers or lightning bolts. Go all out with glitter, gems or colored markers to match specific events.

Bring some extra joy to holiday celebrations and parties. Just switch out the decorations on their helmet. Excellent for:

Halloween – Add spooky/silly stickers and drawings.

Christmas – Affix mini wreaths, trees, bows and more.

New Year’s – Ring in 2023 with flashy bling and sequins!

Birthdays – Celebrate their special day with themed art.

Patriotic Holidays – Red, white and blue decor for the 4th of July.

With proper care, this helmet will provide years of use. Keep your pet protected in style with the NAMSAN Adjustable Helmet!

Product Details:

Durable ABS plastic outer shell

Inner EPS foam lining for shock absorption

Ventilation holes for airflow and comfort

Fully adjustable nylon strap with snap buckle

Open top allows ears to remain perked

Decorative surface for adding embellishments

Designed for small dog breeds and cats

Ride On!

Outdoor adventures with your furry friend just got even better! The NAMSAN Adjustable Helmet adds an extra layer of safety so you can relax and enjoy your time together.

Pedaling along the bike trail, cruising the open road, or trekking off-road, unpredictable hazards can surprise you and your co-pilot. Loose stones get kicked up, branches hang low, and debris blows around.

While you can maneuver dangers, your pet is fully exposed. Protect their little head from impacts and scrapes with the sturdy shell of our helmet. The inner foam lining absorbs shock on bumpy rides.

Built-in ventilation keeps air circulating for comfort even on hot days. The open top allows their ears to stay perked and alert. Fully adjustable straps ensure the perfect custom fit that stays put, without pinching or blocking their vision.

Ride easy knowing your pet is protected from unpredictable hazards. Adventure on!

Cover Your Companion

Safeguard your pet from more than just injury – shield them from the elements too!

The sun’s harsh rays can quickly overheat your pet as they exert energy on active outings. Avoid sunburns to their sensitive skin and nose with coverage.

Block blowing wind, dust and debris from their eyes by pairing the helmet with our pet goggles. Attach them easily to the outside hooks.

The smooth shell also provides the perfect canvas for adding your pet’s name, decorative motifs or seasonal embellishments. Personalize it with fun stickers and safe decorations.

Changing themes and designs keeps your pet stylish all year as the seasons change!

Year-Round Adventures

Spring, summer, winter or fall – adventure awaits! Your pet will be ready for the season when you update their helmet décor.

Pastel flowers and butterflies welcome springtime. Patriotic colors celebrate summer holidays. Fall leaf motifs prepare for tailgating season. And snowmen bring winter cheer!

The NAMSAN Helmet transitions effortlessly from seasonal activities to holidays and themed events. Decorate it for:

Halloween – Get creative with pumpkin stickers, spiderwebs and spooky phrases.

Easter – Adorn with pretty pastels, flowers and bunnies.

Christmas – Festive bows, trees, wreaths and bells get you in the spirit.

Birthdays – Celebrate with themed decorations and lettering.

The options for embellishing are endless! Swap out decorations to match any special occasion that calls for dressing up.

Perfect Fit

Proper sizing and adjustments ensure your pet’s helmet stays securely in place without blocking their vision or pinching.

Designed to fit small dog breeds like Chihuahuas and Dachshunds, as well as cats and kittens, the NAMSAN Helmet fits head circumferences of 12-13 inches.

The adjustable nylon straps include a sturdy snap buckle that allows you to modify the tightness as needed for a snug yet comfy fit. Make sure to check the straps routinely while in use.

Give your precious co-pilot peace of mind so they can focus on the adventure ahead!


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