NAMSAN Clear Dog Goggles Medium Large Dog Sport Sunglasses UV Protection Soft Pet Goggles Deep Eyecups Fog/Windproof Outdoor Eyewear



Let your medium or large dog sport sleek style and protection with NAMSAN Clear Dog Goggles. These comfortable sunglasses shield your pup’s eyes during outdoor adventures.

Ultrahard Polycarbonate Lenses

The goggles feature optical-grade polycarbonate lenses engineered for durability and vision. The ultrahard material is shatterproof and scratch-resistant.

Your dog can run and play without damage or scratches compromising the clear lenses. The polycarbonate also provides 100% UV400 protection against harmful sun rays.

Soft TPU Frames

The frames are constructed from flexible, soft TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) material. This creates a comfortable, non-irritating fit that won’t scrape your dog’s face.

Deep lens grooves allow the goggles to sit closer to the eyes for excellent retention. Foam padding cushions contact points for all-day comfort.

Fog & Wind Resistant

Tiny built-in vents within the frames quickly disperse condensation and inside fog. This maintains optimal visibility for your dog during activities.

The wraparound goggle design also acts as wind barriers to protect eyes from dust, dirt, wind, and debris. Your dog can play in any conditions with clear vision.

Customizable Fit

Adjustable elastic straps above and below the ears allow you to tailor the fit. Cinch the straps until the goggles fit snugly without pressure.

This ensures the glasses stay securely in place as your active dog plays and runs. The snug seal also prevents outside elements from sneaking underneath.

Supports Eye Health

Your dog’s eyes are vulnerable when playing outside. Dust, dirt, wind, sunlight, and fluids can damage their vision long-term if unprotected.

These clear dog goggles create a protective barrier to keep irritants away from the eyes. This reduces dryness, irritation, and inflammation for healthier eyes.

Outdoor Adventure Ready

Take these sturdy goggles anywhere! They’re perfect for:

  • Hiking, running, swimming
  • Beach days, boating trips
  • Park visits, camping, picnics
  • Riding in motorcycles, open jeeps, or cars

The lenses won’t scratch or shatter, making them ideal for rugged activities. Your dog can play hard with protected eyes!

Sizing Recommendations

The NAMSAN Dog Goggles are designed for medium and large breed dogs. Measure your dog’s head circumference for the best fit.

Medium dogs: 16 – 21 inches
Large dogs: 20 – 25 inches

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Love your dog goggles or your money back! NAMSAN provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee for full peace of mind.

Give Your Pup Protective Outdoor Eyewear

Don’t let weather, sunlight, or debris compromise your dog’s vision. Equip them with NAMSAN Dog Goggles for complete protection during outdoor adventures! Your pup will love playing hard while you love knowing their eyes are shielded.


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