Native Pet Cranberry Soft Chews – Natural UTI Medicine for Dogs & Cats



Relieve urinary tract infections and boost bladder health in dogs and cats with Native Pet Cranberry Soft Chews. These natural chews use the proven power of cranberry to treat and prevent UTIs fast.

Vet recommended and highly effective, this UTI medicine for pets contains cranberry extract, D-mannose, and probiotics. The ingredients work synergistically to flush out bacteria and support urinary function.

Dogs love the real chicken flavor! This tasty cranberry supplement for pets is a game changer for bladder and kidney support. Easily make UTIs a thing of the past without messy pills or liquids.

Fights Infection & Stops Bacteria in its Tracks

Cranberry is rich in antioxidants called proanthocyanidins that prevent bacteria from sticking to the bladder walls. It flushes out nasty microbes before infection can take hold.

When used at the first signs like frequent urination or straining, cranberry can quickly beat a UTI into submission. It’s one of the top natural alternatives to antibiotic therapy.

Regular use also thwarts recurring infections and keeps your pet’s urinary tract healthy and bacteria free. Both dogs and cats benefit from cranberry’s powerful effects.

Supports Bladder Control & Urinary Tract Health

In addition to treating UTIs, Native Pet chews promote overall bladder and kidney function in dogs and cats. They support urinary and incontinence issues to improve quality of life.

D-mannose further prevents bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract lining. Probiotics balance gut flora and optimize digestion and nutrient absorption.

With both treatment and prevention benefits, Native Pet chews are a must for any pet prone to urinary problems. Minimize trips to the vet and discomfort for your furry friend.

Delicious Soft Chews Pets Love

Finding UTI medicine your pet actually wants to take can be a challenge. That’s why Native Pet crafted these cranberry chews into a delicious soft treat.

Real chicken provides a savory flavor dogs and cats crave. The chewy texture is easy to nibble and swallow. Most pets eagerly devour them like a tasty snack.

No more struggling to force bitter pills or liquids! Reward your pet with their new favorite chew and watch UTIs disappear faster.

Only Natural Ingredients, Nothing Artificial

Native Pet uses only premium all-natural ingredients to create the finest cranberry supplement for pets. You’ll never find any fillers, chemicals or artificial junk.

Made in the USA, these chews undergo strict quality control testing for potency and purity. They are manufactured in human-grade facilities for your total peace of mind.

Give your pet superior UTI relief you can trust with Native Pet Cranberry Soft Chews. Order a bottle today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I give the chews?
For treatment, give 2 soft chews daily. For prevention, 1 soft chew daily is adequate.

When will I see improvement in UTI symptoms?
Effects are gradual, but most pets show noticeable improvement within 3-5 days. Complete bacterial clearance within 2 weeks.

How long is the shelf life of the chews?
Unopened, the chews stay fresh for 18 months from manufacturing date if stored properly.

Are the chews suitable for both cats and dogs?
Yes, the cranberry dosage is tailored for safety and efficacy in both species.

What other ingredients are in the chews?
Only natural ingredients like cranberry, D-mannose, probiotics, and chicken flavoring. No artificial additives.


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