Native Pet Himalayan Yak Cheese Dog Chews – Long-Lasting, Low Odor Organic Treats



Pamper your pooch with the ultimate tasty chew from Native Pet – Himalayan Yak Cheese Dog Chews! These organic treats are made from premium pasture-raised yak and cow’s milk using traditional techniques.

Dogs go crazy for the rich, nutty flavor and hard texture that provides hours of satisfying chewing. The minimal odor and mess makes yak chews a top choice over bully sticks and rawhides.

As a protein-rich, gluten-free dental chew, these wholesome treats promote oral hygiene and digestive health. Give your dog something to sink their teeth into while enjoying every nibble along the way!

Ethically Sourced from Pasture-Raised Yaks

Native Pet yak chews come from free-range, grass-fed yaks sustainably raised on small family farms in the Himalayan mountains. The high alpine environment and traditional practices produce exceptional milk.

只使用自由放牧的家畜牦牛牛奶,在喜马拉雅山小家庭农场可持续饲养。 高海拔环境和传统做法生产优质奶。

These chews showcase milk from beloved pets, not mass-produced factory farm animals. You can feel good giving this ethically-sourced, top-quality treat.

Minimal Odor and Mess

Unlike some animal chews, Himalayan yak chews have hardly any smell. The organic process leaves little residual odor when chewing.

The hard texture also doesn’t become gooey or sticky with saliva. Yak chews make less of a mess, so you won’t find slimy pieces ground into your carpet!

Dogs can enjoy these treats indoors without stinking up the house. The low odor and mess makes yak chews ideal for closer chewing supervision.

Promotes Dental Health Through Active Chewing

The rock-hard yet brittle texture of yak chews provides an invigorating chewing challenge for dogs. They must work the treat with their jaws, teeth, and tongue to nibble off bits.

This vigorous chewing scrapes away tartar and plaque while exercising jaw muscles. Power chewers get a satisfying workout while freshening their breath!

The abrasive act of grinding down yak chews keeps teeth clean. Regular chewing helps prevent plaque buildup and improves overall dental health.

Long-Lasting Chewing Entertainment

These substantial chews keep even the most aggressive chewers contently occupied for hours at a time. The hard consistency takes dogs longer to consume than softer treats.

Give your dog something to look forward to after a long day or when you’ll be away from home. Yak chews make time fly by while preventing boredom and destructive behavior.

Dental treats rarely get tails wagging with excitement, but yak cheese brings joy to dogs and pet parents alike. The incredibly long-lasting chew time adds value to their precious playtime.

Made from Only 3 Natural Ingredients

Native Pet yak chews contain just three pure, natural ingredients:

Pasture-raised yak and cow’s milk
Himalayan salt
Lime juice

No preservatives or chemicals ever. The traditional techniques result in a wholesome, nourishing treat you can trust.

With zero additives or fillers, these chews are gentle on sensitive stomachs. The high protein content supports muscle growth and overall health too.

Give your dog the gift of a responsible, ethical treat they’ll relish. Order Native Pet Yak Chews on Amazon today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the shelf life of yak chews?

Unopened, yak chews last for 18 months from the manufacturing date if stored properly.

How long does one chew typically last?

It varies based on chewing intensity, but expect at least 1-2 hours of chewing per chew.

Can I give a yak chew daily?

Yes, daily chewing is fine. Adjust quantity given based on your dog’s needs.

Do the chews require refrigeration?

Nope! They can be stored at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

What breeds love yak chews?

All breeds enjoy them, especially heavy chewers like Labs. The hard texture is ideal for big dogs.


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