Natural Balance L.I.T. Sweet Potato & Fish Dog Treats – Grain Free Formula for Healthy Skin & Coat



Treat your pup to crunchy, wholesome goodness with Natural Balance L.I.T. Sweet Potato & Fish Formula Dog Treats. These grain-free treats feature limited ingredients to nourish skin, coat, teeth, and digestion.

Made with premium sweet potatoes and fish packed with omegas, these baked bites provide nutritious snacking. Their irresistible taste and crunchy texture make them a tail-wagging favorite.

This 28 oz bag contains two 14 oz packs for double the value and convenience. Made in the USA, these limited-ingredient treats offer quality nutrition with no mystery fillers.

Premium Limited Ingredients for Sensitive Dogs

Natural Balance L.I.T. treats minimize ingredients to reduce the risk of food sensitivities. They contain no corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Real sweet potatoes give dogs highly digestible carbohydrates, fiber and vitamin A for gastrointestinal health. Oily fish like salmon supply omega fatty acids that nourish skin and coat from the inside out.

With easily digestible sweet potato as the main ingredient, these treats are gentle on sensitive or allergy-prone pups. Their stomachs will love the wholesome simplicity.

Crunchy Bites Clean Teeth and Freshen Breath

The crunchy texture helps keep your dog’s teeth clean and breath fresh while they snack. Hard treats gently scour away plaque and tartar as dogs chew.

Gnawing and crunching also stimulate gums and improve overall dental health. The rigid bites help scrape away bacteria while satisfying your dog’s instinct to chew.

Natural Balance L.I.T. treats make it easy to promote oral hygiene at snack time. Your dog’s smile will shine brighter with regular crunching!

Delicious Taste Dogs Love with Tail-Wags

Natural Balance perfects the baked treat texture to maximize taste and appeal. Dogs go crazy for the crunchy outside and chewy center in every bite.

Wholesome ingredients like sweet potato and fish provide a savory flavor profile even finicky pups devour. No need to beg your dog to eat these good-for-you treats!

Toss treats in with kibble or reward your furry friend anytime with these tail-wagging favorites. The resealable bag keeps treats fresh too.

Formulated for Peak Nutrition

Natural Balance treats are crafted based on scientific nutritional philosophy to nourish your dog completely. Their recipes are perfectly balanced.

Limited ingredients mean more nutrition from high-quality whole food sources, not cheap fillers. Real sweet potato and fish optimize skin, coat, teeth, and digestion.

Made in the USA, these treats undergo rigorous quality control testing for safety. Give your dog a nutritious snack you can trust.

Double the Value, Double the Convenience

This value pack includes two 14 oz bags of Natural Balance L.I.T. Sweet Potato & Fish Formula treats for 28 oz total.

The bulk set means you get more tails wags for your dollar while always having treats on hand when your dog is looking for a reward.

Natural Balance treats are made in small batches and sell quickly, so take advantage of this limited time double pack deal!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the treats suitable for puppies?
Yes, the Limited Ingredient Treats are great for puppies to senior dogs.

What fish are used in the treats?
Salmon is the primary omega fatty acid rich fish.

Are the treats bake-dried or freeze-dried?
Bake-dried to perfection for maximum crunch.

Can my dog eat the whole bag of treats at once?
We recommend appropriate treat portions to avoid overindulging.

Do the treats contain any corn, wheat or soy?
Nope! The treats are grain/gluten free.


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