Natural Balance L.I.T. Sweet Potato & Venison Treats for Small Dogs – Grain Free 16oz



Give your petite pup a tasty, wholesome treat with Natural Balance L.I.T. Sweet Potato & Venison Formula Dog Treats for Small Breeds. These grain-free bites are gently sized for little mouths while packed with quality nutrition.

Made with premium sweet potatoes and venison, these crunchy limited ingredient treats support skin, coat, teeth and digestion. Their irresistible taste keeps tails wagging for more.

This 16 oz bag contains two 8 oz bags for double the value and convenience. Made in the USA, these allergy-friendly treats are perfect for small dogs of all life stages.

Limited Ingredients Prevent Allergy Triggers

Carefully chosen ingredients avoid common allergens for sensitive pups. There’s no corn, wheat, soy, chicken, beef or artificial additives.

Sweet potatoes give dogs easily digestible carbs, fiber and vitamin A for gut health. Venison supplies lean protein for energy and muscle growth.

With sweet potatoes as the main ingredient, these treats are gentle on easily upset tummies. Their stomachs will love the wholesome simplicity.

Crunchy Texture Cleans Teeth & Freshens Breath

The crunchy bites gently scrub away plaque and tartar as small dogs nibble during snacktime. Chewing also stimulates gums for improved overall dental health.

The hard texture combined with irresistible flavor keeps pups gnawing longer. That means more time for the treats to work their teeth cleaning magic.

Support your petite pup’s oral hygiene the yummy way with the built-in benefits of Natural Balance L.I.T. treats. Their smile will shine brighter.

Tail-Wagging Taste Dogs Adore

Even picky pups go crazy for the irresistible taste of these limited ingredient treats. Their crunchy outside and chewy center make dogs beg for more.

Wholesome venison and sweet potato provide a savory, protein-rich flavor profile that small breed dogs devour. No need to coax your pup to eat these good-for-you treats!

Toss them in with kibble or use as rewards for training. Either way, these resealable treats spell tail-wagging fun.

Nutritionally Balanced for Peak Health

Using top-quality ingredients in optimal ratios, these treats deliver complete daily nutrition in a small size.

Limited ingredients mean more nutrition from premium whole foods, not cheap fillers. Real sweet potatoes and venison nourish skin, coat, teeth and digestion.

Made in the USA, these treats are rigorously tested for both safety and efficacy. Give your small dog a nutritious snack you can trust.

Double the Value and Convenience

Get more tail wags for your dollar with this 16 oz two-pack of Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Venison Treats for Small Dogs.

The bulk set always keeps treats on hand for rewarding your petite pup. It’s also more economical than buying single bags.

Snatch up this limited time double pack deal before it’s gone! Made in small batches, these wholesome treats sell out quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the treats suitable for senior dogs?
Yes, the limited ingredients are gentle for aging pups. Always supervise treat time.

What size dogs are considered “small breeds”?
Dogs under 25 lbs. For larger dogs, try the bigger treat size.

Do the treats contain any soy, corn or wheat?
Nope! The treats are completely grain and gluten free.

Are the treats bake-dried or freeze-dried?
Baked to perfection for maximum crunch.

Can I break the treats into smaller pieces?
Yes, you can break into halves or quarters for tiny dogs.


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