Natural Farm Braided Collagen Chews for Dogs – Long Lasting Dental Treats – Rawhide Alternative Chews



Give your dog a tasty, satisfying treat that supports their health with these Natural Farm braided collagen chews! Made from free-range grass-fed beef, these natural chews are a digestible rawhide alternative.

95% Pure Natural Collagen

These braided sticks are packed with 95% pure collagen, providing a potent natural source of this vital protein. Collagen promotes healthier skin, coats, joints and connective tissue in dogs.

Premium Grass-Fed Beef Skin

Sourced from free-range grass-fed cattle, these collagen chews only contain one simple ingredient – beef skin. No hormones, chemicals or additives are ever used in this all-natural recipe.

Longer-Lasting Braided Texture

These chews feature a unique braided texture that provides more chewing time and engagement for dogs than regular bully sticks. Dogs stay happily occupied!

Promotes Dental Health

The act of chewing these natural braided sticks helps reduce plaque and tartar buildup on teeth for better dental hygiene. Chewing also freshens dog breath.

Easily Digestible Formula

Made from real collagen-rich beef skin, these chews are highly digestible for dogs unlike rawhide alternatives. The natural protein is a bioavailable nutrient source.

Suitable for All Size Dogs

At 6 inches long, these collagen chews are the perfect size for small, medium and large breed dogs to enjoy. Supervise your dog with any chew.

Satisfies Urge to Chew

The braided texture provides hours of chewing satisfaction to fulfill dogs’ instinct to chew. Chewing releases feel-good endorphins in dogs.

Promotes Joint Health

The collagen in these natural chews supports connective tissue health for better mobility and flexibility in dogs’ joints. Great for senior dogs.

Strengthens Teeth and Gums

The abrasive texture combined with chewing naturally scrapes away plaque and tartar while stimulating gums and jaws.

Mess-Free and Odorless

These natural collagen sticks are neat for dogs to chew and are completely odor-free. No more messy or stinky bully sticks!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are these chews made from?

They are crafted from premium grass-fed beef skin which is a natural source of collagen.

Are these chews high in calories?

No, collagen is a protein that provides nutrients without excess calories.

How long does each chew last?

The braided texture prolongs chewing time. Expect at least 30 minutes of enjoyment per stick.

Can I give these to dogs daily?

Yes, they make a healthy daily treat to support your dog’s wellbeing and dental health.

What texture are these chews?

These collagen sticks have a firm yet flexible texture that is braided for extra chewing satisfaction.

In Summary

Natural Farm braided collagen chews provide a digestible, rawhide-free chewing experience. Made with premium beef skin, these natural treats support joint health with collagen while promoting clean teeth and gum health through chewing action.


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