Natural Farm Bully Sticks – Thin 6″ Pixie Sticks Dog Chews – Grain-Free Protein Treats



Treat your pup to a tasty, satisfying chew with these Natural Farm thin “Pixie Stick” bully sticks! At 6 inches long, these thin pizzle treats are perfect for small dogs or puppies.

Premium Grass-Fed Beef Pizzle

These thin bully sticks are crafted from free-range grass-fed beef pizzle, providing a single-ingredient protein treat. They contain no rawhide, grains, preservatives or artificial additives.

Just 6 Inches Long

At just 6 inches in length, these petite “Pixie” bully sticks are sized right for small breed dogs and puppies. The thin diameter allows for easy holding and chewing.

Promotes Dental Health

The act of chewing these natural bully sticks massages gums, cleans teeth, and reduces plaque and tartar buildup. This promotes better oral hygiene.

Satisfies Urge to Chew

These bully sticks fulfill dogs’ innate need to chew while occupying them for hours. Chewing releases endorphins and reduces anxiety or boredom.

Single-Ingredient Protein Source

With just one ingredient – grass-fed beef pizzle – these chews provide a highly digestible protein that dogs readily absorb. No extra fillers are used.

Eco-Friendly & Giving Company

Natural Farm uses eco-friendly packaging and donates to non-profit animal welfare groups with every purchase. You’re helping pets in need!

Naturally Freshens Dog Breath

The abrasive chewing action scrapes away plaque and tartar that cause bad breath. Saliva production also helps reduce odors.

High Protein, Low Fat

These single-ingredient chews are packed with protein while naturally low in fat, providing a healthy treat option.

Mess-Free Chewing

These thin sticks allow for neat, mess-free chewing. They are easy for dogs to hold and consume.

Supports Gum and Jaw Health

The chewing action gently massages gums and works jaw muscles for better oral and dental health.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are bully sticks made of?

They are made from beef pizzle, which is the thin sheath of beef cattle.

Are these chews high in calories?

No, they are low calorie but packed with protein that dogs love.

What size dogs are these for?

These 6 inch pixie sticks are perfect for small breeds under 25 lbs but any size dog can enjoy them.

Where are these bully sticks from?

They are sourced from free-range, grass-fed cattle raised humanely in South America.

How long do they last?

Chewing time varies but averages 15-30 minutes per stick.

In Summary

Keep your small dog happily occupied for hours with these Natural Farm thin 6 inch bully sticks! The petite size and shape is perfect for little mouths while providing a tasty protein chew that naturally cleans teeth.


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