Natural Farm Select Odor-Free Bully Sticks – Handpicked 6 Inch Beef Pizzle Dog Chews (1 Pound Bag)



Treat your pup to the very best bully sticks hand selected just for them. Natural Farm goes the extra mile to pick only the most uniform, consistent sticks in each 1 pound bag of these satisfying chews.

Handpicked for Consistent Thickness

Unlike other bully sticks, our Select formula sticks are carefully chosen by hand, not randomly bagged by quantity. This ensures each 6 inch stick has a reliable thickness your dog will love.

Long-Lasting Chews for Hours of Enjoyment

These substantial 6 inch bully sticks provide the perfect chew to occupy your pup for hours. The rich beef flavor and smooth texture keeps dogs engaged for longest-lasting satisfaction.

Highly Digestible Single-Ingredient Formula

Made from 100% free-range grass-fed beef pizzle, these chews contain no mystery ingredients – just pure protein-rich beef. This makes them gentle even for sensitive stomachs.

Naturally Promotes Dental Health

All that chewing action scrapes away plaque and tartar while giving your dog’s jaws a workout. Our bully sticks naturally clean teeth and freshen doggy breath.

Satisfies Chewing Urge in Pups and Dogs

Give restless dogs a positive outlet for their energy by satisfying their natural urge to chew. These sticks will keep them stimulated and focused for hours.

Odor-Free Formula for Clean Chewing

Thanks to our special processing, these bully sticks are free from the offensive smells you may encounter with other pizzle chews. Your pup can chew for hours odor-free.

Single-Ingredient, Grass-Fed Beef

Our bully sticks start with grass-fed beef raised humanely on small family farms without antibiotics or hormones. No mystery ingredients are added during processing.

Calms and Relaxes Dogs

The natural urge to chew helps dogs relax. The long-lasting formula keeps them focused and calm in stressful situations like travel, vet visits, and more.

Great for Reward-Based Training

Use these tasty, highly-motivating chews for positive reinforcement when training leash skills, commands, crate training, and more.

Monitoring Recommended

We recommend monitoring your dog during chewing and limiting consumption to avoid overeating. Bully sticks are highly digestible but moderation is still advised.

Storage and Shelf Life

For longest shelf life, store any unused bully sticks sealed in the refrigerator or freezer. They’ll keep for 9+ months frozen.

A Company that Gives Back

We donate a portion of proceeds to help shelter pets and canine charities. Your purchase allows us to support rescue organizations through outreach.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many come in a 1 pound bag?

Our handpicked Select formula contains 13-17 sticks per 1 pound bag for reliable thickness. Quantities vary to ensure uniformity.

What size dogs do these work for?

The 6 inch size is ideal for smaller breeds under 25 pounds. For larger dogs, try our jumbo 12 inch bully sticks.

How long will one bully stick last?

Duration depends on chewing habits, but you can expect 30+ minutes of enjoyment per stick. Intense chewers may spend hours on one.

Are they made in the USA?

Yes! Our bully sticks are sourced, processed, and packaged right here in the USA.

What are bully sticks?

Bully sticks are a single-ingredient chew treat made from beef pizzle or “bully”, providing a protein-rich dog treat.

Can puppies have them?

Absolutely, these make great chews for teething puppies. We recommend monitoring use to avoid overconsumption issues.

We know your dog will love these satisfying odor-free chews made from hand selected beef. Please reach out with any questions about our bully sticks!


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