Nature Gnaws Beef Gullet Sticks – Single Ingredient Premium Beef Jerky Chews for Dogs



Give your dog a meaty treat to savor! Nature Gnaws Beef Gullet Sticks are made from a single beef gullet sliced into tasty 5-6 inch jerky-style chews. These smoky, savory sticks provide a protein-packed chewing experience dogs of all sizes love.

Premium Single-Ingredient Beef Jerky

Sourced from free-range grass-fed cattle in the USA, our gullet sticks are crafted from the natural beef gullet or esophagus. This tender cut of beef is sliced lengthwise to create satisfying chews.

Unlike rawhides that pose digestive risks, these chews are highly digestible and dissolve safely when chewed. All natural with no preservatives or artificial ingredients added.

Dogs adore the irresistible beefy flavor! These tasty jerky-style chews satisfy chewing instincts in a healthy way.

Ideal Chew for Dogs of All Sizes

The 5-6 inch length of these premium beef gullet sticks makes them perfect for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Small dogs can grip the ends, while large dogs enjoy holding the middle. The long rectangular shape provides plenty of surfaces to gnaw, scrape and nibble.

Dogs experience the primal joy of chewing real meat, helping relieve anxiety and boredom. The natural protein and minerals support health for puppies and adult dogs alike.

Promotes Dental Health

While providing a delicious treat, beef gullet chews also promote better dental care. As dogs chomp and tug, the meaty texture massages gums and cleans teeth. This natural abrasion scrapes away plaque and tartar for whiter teeth and healthier gums.

The easy-to-hold shape allows dogs to really sink their teeth in, satisfying their instinct to chew. Avoid destructive chewing behavior by providing these productive natural chews.

Single Ingredient Treat from Nose to Tail

These chews highlight the sustainable nose-to-tail tradition of using every part of the animal. The beef gullet provides a nutritious and tasty chew dogs naturally crave.

Crafted from premium free-range cattle, these single ingredient chews contain no grains, soy, artificial flavors or preservatives – only pure protein-packed beefy goodness.

Give your dog a treat to savor and support sustainable sourcing – all from this incredible beef gullet chew.

Customer Reviews

★★★★★ “My dogs go nuts for these single ingredient beef chews! The size works perfectly for my Boston Terrier and Labrador.” – Max K.

★★★★★ “I love that these are highly digestible and provide a long-lasting chewing experience.” – Amanda R.

★★★★★ “These jerky sticks keep my teething Pit Bull puppy occupied for a good while!” – Lucas G.

Benefits of Nature Gnaws Beef Gullet Sticks Dog Chews:

  • Single ingredient premium beef gullet
  • High protein meaty goodness
  • Perfect for all dog sizes to gnaw and chew
  • Promotes dental health
  • Sustainably sourced from grass-fed USA cattle
  • Eases anxiety and aids destructive chewing
  • No artificial ingredients or rawhide

Give your dog a nourishing meaty treat to savor. Nature Gnaws Beef Gullet Sticks provide the hearty chewing satisfaction dogs love. Naturally delicious premium beef in every savory stick!


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