Nature Gnaws Braided Gnaws for Dogs – Tasty Rawhide-Free Chew Mix (Bully Sticks, Gullet Sticks & Tripe Twists)



Give your dog the ultimate gnawing experience with this tasty mix of Nature Gnaws Braided Gnaws. This combo pack contains a variety of irresistible braided chews made from premium beef ingredients.

The mix includes:

Braided Bully Sticks – All-natural dental chews that help scrap away tartar and plaque.
Beef Gullet Sticks – Long-lasting edible bones that satisfy the urge to chew.
Beef Tripe Twists – Delicious braided chews that ease anxiety.

All chews are expertly braided for extra durability. They help keep your dog happily occupied for hours while providing a natural and healthy treat.

Made from free-range cattle, these single-ingredient chews contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Just high-quality protein to give your dog more to gnaw on!

This variety pack provides chewing stimulation for dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages. Give your pup the gift of tails wags with this mix of beefy, twisted chews they’ll love to gnaw.

Braided Bully Sticks – All-Natural Dental Chews

These hearty braided bully sticks help promote better dental health through natural chewing. The abrasive texture scrubs away plaque and tartar, reducing bacteria and keeping teeth clean.

Made from premium beef muscle, these irresistible chews contain no artificial ingredients. Just a protein-packed treat that keeps your dog chewing while scraping away icky buildup on their teeth.

The twisted shape and thickness adds durability for more gnawing time. And the scent of real beef keeps even finicky chewers coming back for more daily dental care.

Beef Gullet Sticks – Long-Lasting Edible Bones

Our natural beef gullet sticks provide a satisfyingly long-lasting chew that dogs go crazy for. These edible bones are made from the beef esophagus or “gullet” – a naturally springy and fibrous texture.

These protein-rich treats have a delightfully bouncy texture that makes for hours of blissful chewing and gnawing. The abrasive surface helps remove plaque and massage gums too.

Gullet sticks are easy to digest compared to rawhide bones. Your dog will love these flavorful natural bones that you can feel good about feeding.

Beef Tripe Twists – Anxiety-Relieving Chews

Give your anxious or stressed dog something positive to sink their teeth into. Our premium beef tripe chews are gently braided for a twisted shape that dogs love to gnaw and chew.

Natural tripe has a appealing aroma and flavor profile that keeps dogs focused and chewing calmly. The act of chewing also releases relaxing endorphins to ease anxiety and restlessness.

These natural chews provide a high protein treat to supplement meals. They contain no artificial anything – just real free-range beef tripe that’s irresistible for dogs.

rawhide-Free Variety Pack for All Dogs

This diverse mix provides an exciting variety of textures and flavors that keeps chewing interesting. The natural ingredients and twisted shapes give your dog more to gnaw on for better dental health.

Perfect for puppies, adults and seniors, this combo pack offers something to satisfy every chewer. It’s rawhide-free for digestive safety too.

We recommend monitoring your dog during use and taking away pieces small enough to present a choking risk. Supervise aggressive chewers especially closely.

High Protein Treats for Healthy Chewing

All chews in this mix are crafted from premium beef ingredients. This makes them a natural source of protein and low in fat, great for dogs with dietary restrictions.

Use these single-ingredient chews as low-calorie training rewards or for supplemental nutrition. The tasty flavors will have your dog doing tricks for these healthy treats!

These natural chews are suitable for all breeds and life stages. Adjust serving sizes appropriately and supervise your dog during chewing for safety.

Ease Teething Discomfort for Puppies

Puppies will love chewing and gnawing on these varied texture beef chews. The act of chewing brings relief from the pain and discomfort of incoming new teeth.

The gnaw-worthy shapes and abrasive surfaces also help clean plaque off tender young teeth. This helps establish better dental hygiene habits from an early age.

These rawhide-free chews provide a safe, natural teething option. The slimy tripe and bouncy gullet textures give sore gums some soothing relief too.

Premium Quality from Nature Gnaws

Nature Gnaws uses only the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients to produce our natural pet chews. Our braided gnaws variety pack contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

We oversee manufacturing in our own USDA-approved facilities. You can trust our products to be safely processed and quality inspected before being packaged for your pup’s enjoyment.

We know your dog’s health and happiness is most important. That’s why we’re fully committed to providing safe, natural treats you can feel good about – and your dog will love!

Click our brand name to discover more innovative and tail-wagging treats from Nature Gnaws. We’re always cooking up something new and delicious to gnaw on.


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