Nutrisource Small & Medium Breed Dry Puppy Food, 15 lb



Give your small or medium breed puppy the nutrition they need to thrive with Nutrisource Small & Medium Breed Dry Puppy Food. Formulated specifically for smaller dogs during the all-important first year, this puppy food provides complete and balanced nutrition in a bite-sized kibble made for little mouths.

The first year of a puppy’s life is a critical time where they grow exponentially, nearly tripling their birth weight. With such rapid growth occurring, it’s imperative puppies receive adequate nutrition to support their developing immune systems, bones, muscles, organs and more. Nutrisource Small & Medium Breed Puppy Food is thoughtfully crafted to fuel your puppy’s growth and development in those vital early months.

Tailored for Smaller Breeds

While all puppies need proper nutrition, smaller breeds have some unique nutritional needs. Small dogs reach maturity faster than large breeds, so their food needs to support accelerated growth. Smaller mouths also require a smaller kibble size they can comfortably pick up and chew.

Nutrisource Small & Medium Breed Puppy Food addresses the specialized needs of little dogs. The smaller kibble pieces are just the right size for diminutive mouths. And the recipe is nutrient-dense, with higher levels of protein and fat to meet the energy demands of smaller, rapidly growing puppies.

Quality Ingredients You Can Trust

This Nutrisource puppy food features a combination of quality animal and plant-based ingredients chosen for their nutritional value. Chicken, chicken meal and lamb meal deliver essential amino acids to build and maintain strong, lean muscles. Whole grains like brown rice and barley provide steady energy for an active puppy lifestyle. DHA supports cognitive development and vision.

There are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, only ingredients you can feel good about feeding your beloved furry family member. Nutrisource uses industry-leading food safety protocols and quality control measures so you can trust what’s inside every bite.

Nutrition for Optimal Growth

The precise ratios of protein, fat, carbohydrates and essential vitamins and minerals in Nutrisource Small & Medium Breed Puppy Food provide complete nutrition tailored to fuel your puppy’s rapid development:

  • High-quality protein from chicken, chicken meal and lamb meal supports muscle growth and development.
  • Higher fat levels deliver the concentrated energy smaller breeds need to thrive.
  • Calcium and phosphorus ratios support strong bone formation.
  • DHA nurtures healthy brain and vision development.
  • Carefully balanced vitamins and chelated minerals give puppies a strong nutritional foundation.

The result is a nutrient-packed food that fuels your small puppy’s growth while setting them up for a lifetime of health.

Smaller Kibble for Little Mouths

This food features a smaller kibble size ideal for small breed puppies. The miniature bites make it easy for tiny mouths to pick up and chew. And the cylindrical shape helps clean teeth and remove plaque as your puppy eats.

The smaller kibble pieces also allow picky puppies or those with shorter attention spans to enjoy eating their food. You’ll deal with less wasted food and have peace of mind your furry friend is getting all the nutrients they need.

Supports Digestive Health

Nutrisource Puppy Food contains prebiotics and probiotics to support your puppy’s developing digestive system. Prebiotics are natural fiber sources that nourish probiotics, or beneficial gut bacteria. Healthy digestion ensures your puppy properly absorbs all the nutrients from their food for optimal growth and development.

Made in the USA

This Nutrisource puppy food is proudly made in the USA in company-owned manufacturing facilities. Local sourcing of ingredients helps reduce the environmental impact from transportation. You can feel good about feeding a high-quality puppy food made close to home.

A Puppy Food You Can Trust

Give your beloved small or medium breed pup the tailored nutrition they need with Nutrisource Small & Medium Breed Puppy Food. The smaller kibble size is perfect for little mouths while premium ingredients fuel healthy growth and development. This complete and balanced food will set your puppy up for a lifetime of health.

For questions or to learn more about this Nutrisource puppy food, contact us. Our team is happy to provide feeding guidelines tailored to your puppy’s needs and answer any questions about this specially formulated puppy food.


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