NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE Adult Dry Dog Food – Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe for Healthy Skin, Coat, and Digestion (30 lb)



Give your beloved canine companion the gift of good nutrition and wholesome ingredients with NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE Adult Dry Dog Food. Crafted with farm-raised chicken as the first ingredient, this premium dog food provides complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Chicken First for High-Quality Protein

The number one ingredient in NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE dog food is real chicken. Unlike “chicken meal” found in many competing brands, real chicken delivers high-quality protein with essential amino acids to help nourish your dog’s muscles and satisfy their carnivorous instincts. As descendants of wolves, dogs crave meat in their diet. NUTRO understands this primal need and makes chicken the star of the show.

Wholesome Brown Rice and Fiber-Rich Oatmeal

While chicken provides the powerhouse protein, NUTRO rounds out this kibble with wholesome grains like brown rice and oatmeal. Brown rice gives your dog’s diet a nutritious boost of carbohydrates for energy. Oatmeal adds valuable fiber to support healthy digestion and regularity. With both proteins and fiber, this dog food nurtures your dog from the inside out.

Omega-Rich for Healthy Skin and Coat

In addition to the chicken and grains, NUTRO adds a blend of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to nourish your dog’s skin and coat from the outside in. These “good fats” impart a gleaming shine and supple texture to promote skin and coat health. With the ideal ratio of Omegas, you could say these are the “good hair” nutrients for your dog!

Antioxidant-Rich Fruits and Veggies

Rounding out the ingredients list are antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. This dog food contains dried apples, blueberries, kelp, and chia seeds to deliver a boost of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. These superfood ingredients support overall wellness and a strong immune system.

No Artificial Flavors, Colors, or Preservatives

At NUTRO, we believe in using only purposefully chosen, NON-GMO ingredients from trusted sources. This dog food is made with:

  • No artificial colors
  • No artificial flavors
  • No artificial preservatives

We avoid these unnecessary additives so you can feel good about the wholesome nutrition you’re providing. NUTRO dog food nourishes as nature intended.

Made in U.S. Facilities

This NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE dry dog food is made right here in the United States. Manufactured in facilities in Leipsic, Ohio and Fort Smith, Arkansas, each stage of production adheres to strict quality standards. You can feel confident knowing this kibble is crafted under the highest standards for pet food.

Nutritional Philosophy

At NUTRO, our approach to dog food reflects a commitment toNature, Clean, and Discovery:


We start by harnessing the power of nature to nourish your pet. Our recipes feature purposeful ingredients and natural antioxidants to reflect what dogs would eat in the wild.


Next, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of safety and quality. We carefully source from trusted suppliers and say no to GMO ingredients.


As a leading pet food brand, we’re committed to research and innovation. Our experts are constantly discovering new ways to cultivate healthy and energized pets.

This passion drives our Natural Choice line of pet foods. Give your dog the benefits of this commitment to quality nutrition.

Feeding Guidelines

Recommended daily feeding amounts based on your dog’s weight:

  • 5 – 15 lbs: 1/2 to 1 1/4 cups
  • 16 – 35 lbs: 1 1/4 to 2 1/4 cups
  • 36 – 75 lbs: 2 1/4 to 4 cups
  • 76 – 100 lbs: 4 to 5 cups

Compare your dog’s build and activity levels and adjust amounts as needed. Provide plenty of fresh water daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is this dog food appropriate for?

This NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE Chicken & Brown Rice recipe is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of adult dogs aged 1 year and older.

What breed size is it suitable for?

This food is designed for dogs of all breeds and size ranges. The kibble size and texture make it easy to chew and digest for any mouth.

Is this a good food for senior dogs?

The tailored protein and fiber content make this an excellent choice for less active senior dogs. The antioxidants support immunity for older dogs too.

Does this food help with digestion?

The fiber from oatmeal combined with natural botanicals make this a great choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs. The nutrients help digestibility.

Is this suitable for dogs with allergies?

While it contains grains and chicken, two common allergens, the limited ingredients help reduce risk. Consult your veterinarian to see if this food could work for your dog.

Real Food for Real Dogs

NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE dry dog food provides the whole-food nutrition your beloved companion deserves. Make the natural choice for your dog today!


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