Open Farm Ancient Grain Dry Dog Food Bundle – Premium Quality Proteins from Ocean, Farm & Field to Satisfy Your Pup



Does your furry friend deserve only the best? Treat them to this premium Open Farm Ancient Grain Dry Dog Food Bundle, featuring four mouthwatering protein recipes crafted from Ocean Wise certified wild-caught fish, humanely raised poultry and pork, as well as grass-fed beef. With this bundle, you’ll receive one bag each of Catch-of-The-Season Whitefish, Farmer’s Table Pork, Grass-Fed Beef, and Harvest Chicken recipes – providing amazing variety to delight your dog’s palate.

Wild-Caught Whitefish for Omega-Rich Nutrition

The Open Farm Catch-of-The-Season Whitefish recipe stars tender, flaky ocean fish caught sustainably off the Pacific Coast. Rich in omega fatty acids to promote skin and coat health, this protein-packed fish recipe will have your pup eagerly awaiting mealtime. Made from whole wild-caught fish, you can truly see the fresh fish pieces in every bite.

Humanely Raised Chicken for Lean, Muscle-Building Protein

The Harvest Chicken recipe features juicy cuts of chicken raised humanely on family farms, providing lean protein to help maintain muscles. With no added hormones or antibiotics, you can feel good knowing this chicken was well cared for. Your energetic pup will thrive on this balanced nutrition.

Farm-Raised Pork Adds Savory Flavor

The Farmer’s Table Pork recipe stars prime pork cuts from pigs raised on small North American farms committed to high welfare standards. With a mouthwatering umami flavor dogs love, this savory pork adds richness and variety. Certified humane and hormone-free, this ethically raised pork nourishes your furry friend’s body and spirit.

Grass-Fed Beef for Natural Wellness

Topping off the bundle is the Grass-Fed Beef recipe, made with juicy cuts of beef from cows that roamed open pastures and were never confined. Grass-feeding enhances this beef’s natural nutrition, including antioxidants like vitamin E for whole body wellness. With no added hormones, this thoughtfully raised beef builds lean muscles.

Ancient Grains Provide Complex Carbs

Each recipe combines its high-quality animal protein with a blend of ancient grains like sorghum, millet, chia and quinoa. These provide complex carbohydrates for sustained energy and essential fatty acids for healthy skin and fur. Your dog will love the taste and you’ll love the benefits!

Made in Our USA-Based Kitchens

Produced in our state-of-the-art USA kitchens, these recipes undergo rigorous safety testing so you can feel confident feeding your pup. We obsess over quality so you can relax knowing your dog gets the very best.

100% Transparency & Traceability

Open Farm leads the way in supply chain transparency. Using the lot number on each bag, you can trace every ingredient right back to its source. We believe you deserve to know where your dog’s food comes from.

Give your beloved dog the nutritious proteins they crave with this premium 4-pack bundle from Open Farm. With sustainably caught fish, humanely raised meats and ancient grains, you’ll feel as good as they’ll taste. Make mealtimes something to wag about with the Open Farm Ancient Grain Dry Dog Food Bundle!


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