Open Farm Beef Bone Broth – Ethically Sourced Superfood Topper for Dogs & Cats



Give your furry friend the gift of health with Open Farm Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth. This premium bone broth provides a powerhouse of nutrition and flavor that dogs and cats naturally crave.

Sourced from humanely raised grass-fed cattle on sustainable family farms, this bone broth features bones roasted to perfection to extract the rich collagen, nutrients, and taste pets love. Simmered for hours with functional superfoods like organic turmeric, carrots, and pumpkin, this broth delivers a tasty nutrition boost.

Nourish Your Pet’s Body from the Inside Out

Bone broth has remarkable health benefits thanks to its unique combination of collagen, amino acids, and essential minerals. With regular use, the nutrients in this bone broth can:

  • Support joint health and mobility
  • Improve digestive health
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Promote a glossy coat and healthy skin
  • Improve liver function

Collagen is the superstar ingredient that makes bone broth so beneficial. As pets age, their bodies produce less collagen leading to achy joints, digestive issues, and dull coats. Supplying collagen through bone broth provides the building blocks for your pet’s connective tissues, keeping them active and healthy.

ethically Sourced from Trusted Farms

At Open Farm, we go to great lengths to source only the highest quality ingredients under ethical conditions. Our bone broth begins with bones from grass-fed cattle sustainably raised on family-owned farms.

We build trusted relationships with our farm partners to ensure humane treatment and the highest welfare standards. You can trust that the bones used to make this broth come from happy, healthy animals.

Our superfood functional ingredients like organic turmeric, carrots, and pumpkin are also grown on trusted farms without the use of chemical pesticides or herbicides. We source only non-GMO ingredients to provide the safest, healthiest nutrition possible.

Human-Grade Ingredients You Can Trust

We hold our bone broth to the same high standards as human food. That’s why you’ll find only simple, recognizable ingredients on the label.

We skip the artificial preservatives, flavors, colors, and cheap fillers found in lower quality pet foods. Instead, we let real, minimally processed foods provide flavor and nutrition.

Dogs and cats naturally crave the meaty richness of bone broth. That’s why beef bone broth is the first ingredient and main source of protein. We leave out grain, wheat, corn, and soy to make this a tasty topper pets love.

Traceable Transparency You Can Trust

We believe transparency is essential for pet parents to trust what they are feeding their pets. That’s why each bag of bone broth features a lot number you can use to trace the origin of every single ingredient.

You can look up exactly which farm the beef bones came from and learn about their farming practices. We have nothing to hide when it comes to how and where we source ingredients. Traceability gives you total confidence in the quality of this bone broth.

Unlock the Benefits of Bone Broth for Your Pet

Upgrade your dog or cat’s diet with this ethically sourced bone broth packed with collagen and superfoods. Simply pour over their food or serve as a drink to provide a boost of natural flavor and nutrition.

With regular use, you can help support their health from the inside out with benefits you can see and feel. Healthy digestion, joints, skin, coats, liver and immune system start with high quality ingredients.

Choose Open Farm Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth for nutritious real-food topper you and your pet can trust. Every batch is carefully crafted to provide uncompromising quality and nutrition with complete transparency.


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