Open Farm RawMix Prairie Canine Kibble Bowl



Give your dog’s diet a taste of the wild prairie with Open Farm’s RawMix Prairie Canine Kibble. Crafted with ethically raised protein and wholesome ancient grains, this innovative recipe delivers the balanced nutrition of kibble plus the benefits of raw, freeze-dried morsels and bone broth. With Open Farm’s RawMix, you can easily rewild your dog’s bowl!

At the heart of Open Farm’s Prairie Recipe is a protein-packed blend of 100% animal welfare-certified chicken and turkey. All poultry comes from farmers who meet strict standards for humane practices, allowing your dog to thrive on meat from hens and toms living their best lives. This key protein is combined with nutrient-dense organ meat and bone, providing a complete amino acid profile to support your dog’s muscles and organs.

To closely mimic the diverse diet of wild canines, this inspired recipe also incorporates non-GMO fruits, vegetables, and ancient grains like millet, quinoa, and sorghum. These wholesome plant-based ingredients deliver antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber to complement the protein-focused nutrition.

What makes the RawMix line truly unique is the addition of bone broth and freeze-dried raw pieces right in the bag. The bone broth delivers natural collagen and compounds like glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint health. It also adds mouthwatering flavor and aroma to make this kibble irresistible. The freeze-dried raw morsels provide a boost of enzymes and probiotics for better digestion and immunity.

For pet parents seeking to “rewild” their dog’s diet with more raw nutrition, RawMix offers an easy solution. It combines the convenience of kibble with the benefits of raw food. There’s no need to prepare complicated raw recipes or deal with potential handling or storage issues. Simply pour from the bag and watch your pup wolf it down!

At Open Farm, exceptional quality is rooted in the integrity of every ingredient. That’s why this recipe is made with:

100% Animal Welfare Certified Chicken and Turkey: From hens and toms raised humanely on sustainable family farms.
Non-GMO Fruits and Vegetables: Wholesome produce like peas, carrots, cranberries, and apples.
Ancient Grains: Nutrient-rich whole grains like millet, quinoa, and sorghum.
Bone Broth: Simmered bones from chicken and turkey deliver natural collagen and compounds for joint health.
Freeze-Dried Raw: Provides probiotics, enzymes, and raw nutrition.
Open Farm partners exclusively with farmers who share their commitment to humane animal welfare standards and sustainable practices. By working with local family farms, they can deliver better nutrition for pets while supporting family farms and the environment.

Full ingredient transparency is a core principle at Open Farm. The lot number on every bag allows you to trace the origin of all meat, produce, and grains. What goes into Open Farm pet food should never be a mystery.

Bring out your dog’s wild side with the taste and nutrition of Open Farm’s RawMix Prairie Canine Kibble. With ethically sourced protein, ancient grains, bone broth, and freeze-dried raw, it’s an innovative way to rewild your dog’s diet. See the prairie spring to life in their eyes at every mealtime!


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