Open Farm RawMix Prairie Cat Food – Balanced Raw Whole Prey Diet with Grain-Free Kibble, Bone Broth, and Freeze Dried Raw Meat



Give your cat the nutrition inspired by the wild with Open Farm’s RawMix Prairie Recipe for Cats. This innovative whole prey diet provides the balanced nutrition of raw feeding in a convenient format.

The RawMix line from Open Farm offers pet parents the best of both worlds – the convenience of kibble combined with the benefits of raw. This Prairie Recipe features grain-free kibble made from chicken and turkey mixed with nutrient-dense bone broth and irresistible chunks of freeze dried raw chicken and turkey.

Whole Prey Diet Balanced for Optimal Feline Health

Cats are obligate carnivores designed by nature to thrive on a diet rich in animal protein and fat. The RawMix line from Open Farm contains a complete whole prey diet balanced specifically for feline health. In addition to premium meat, organs, and bone, these recipes provide fruits and vegetables for antioxidants and phytonutrients.

This grain-free formula supplies everything your cat needs in ratios and quantities optimized for their natural nutritional needs. The freeze dried raw chunks give an enticing taste of raw meat that cats naturally crave.

Sourced from Humane and Sustainable Farms

All of the chicken and turkey in the Prairie Recipe is sourced from animal welfare certified farms. Open Farm actively partners with farmers to ensure the animals are raised humanely in a comfortable, low-stress environment. This attention to humane practices results in higher quality, nutrient-dense meat.

Open Farm is committed to working with farmers and ranchers that follow sustainable practices and avoid the overuse of antibiotics. This recipe contains no grains or fillers – just responsibly raised meat, organs, bone, and raw frozen bits your cat will love.

The Convenience of Kibble Plus the Benefits of Raw

Switching to a completely raw diet can be time consuming and messy for pet parents. The RawMix line offers a perfect compromise – all the nutritional benefits of raw in an easy, clean format.

The Prairie Recipe features grain-free kibble made from free-range chicken and turkey mixed with bone broth for moisture and freeze dried raw meat chunks for palatability. The kibble provides balanced nutrition and crunch, while the bone broth and raw bits supply moisture, flavor, and nutrients.

Pet parents seeking to explore a raw diet will appreciate the ease of transition with RawMix. Cats who are picky about kibble textures will go crazy for the tasty freeze dried raw chunks.

Natural Nutrition Free of Artificial Ingredients

This recipe contains no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. Open Farm never uses corn, wheat, soy, or fillers in any of their formulas.

Cats thrive on high protein, low carbohydrate diets. The Prairie Recipe delivers 30% minimum protein from chicken and turkey. It is also fortified with natural fatty acids from fish oil for skin and coat health.

This grain-free formula gets carbohydrates from peas, chickpeas, and lentils. Natural flavors and freeze dried raw bits provide taste appeal. Open Farm avoids artificial packing and processing that can degrade nutrients your cat needs.

Ingredients You Can Trace to the Source

Open Farm believes in complete transparency when it comes to their ingredients. The lot number on every bag allows you to trace the origin of the meat, fruits, vegetables, and supplements in your cat’s food.

Most pet food companies treat their suppliers as proprietary information. Open Farm takes a different approach, letting pet parents know exactly where the ingredients come from. If you want to know more about the chicken or produce, Open Farm encourages you to reach out.

Give Your Cat the Nutrition Nature Intended

The RawMix line from Open Farm offers the balanced nutrition of raw feeding in a format perfect for pet parents. This Prairie Recipe provides grain-free kibble, bone broth, and irresistible freeze dried raw bits your cat will love.

Made from chicken and turkey sourced from humane, sustainable farms, this innovative formula delivers the benefits of both kibble and raw. Satisfy your cat’s carnivorous instincts with this protein-packed whole prey diet.

Order a bag of Open Farm RawMix Prairie Recipe today and see the difference balanced raw feeding makes for your feline companion!


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