OPtimeal Puppy Dog Food – The Perfect Dry Kibble for Your Beloved Toy or Small Breed Pup



Give your tiny pup the nutrition they need to grow into a happy, healthy dog with OPtimeal Puppy Dog Food. Specially formulated for toy and small breed puppies, this dry kibble provides complete and balanced nutrition in a delicious lamb and rice recipe your puppy will love.

Tasty Lamb is the First Ingredient

Real deboned lamb is the first ingredient in this premium puppy food. Lamb provides quality protein sources that are easy to digest, giving your small pup the nutrients they need. This recipe is made with the kind of care and fresh ingredients you’d use at home, cooking for your furry little family member.

Supports Healthy Growth and Development

In toy and small breed puppies, healthy bone and muscle growth is especially important. OPtimeal puppy food provides optimal levels of calcium and phosphorus to support developing bones and joints. High-quality animal proteins build strong muscles so your pup can keep up with you on all of their adventures.

Prebiotics and Natural Fibers for Digestive Health

The blend of soluble and insoluble fibers in this recipe, along with prebiotics from chicory root and FOS, help support your puppy’s developing digestive system. As any new puppy parent knows, digestion is so important in these early months. OPtimeal puppy food nourishes the good bacteria in your pup’s gut for optimal nutrient absorption.

Nutrient-Packed for Healthy Skin and Shiny Coat

Is your puppy starting to get their full, fluffy coat? The nutrients in OPtimeal puppy food support skin and coat health. Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids nourish skin and promote a shiny coat from the inside out. Zinc and copper provide additional skin health benefits.

Antioxidants for Immune System Support

Like babies, puppies don’t have fully developed immune systems yet. The vitamins and minerals in this recipe give an immunity boost with antioxidants like vitamins E and C. Other essential nutrients like vitamin A, zinc, and selenium provide well-rounded immune support as your puppy grows.

Made Just for Your Tiny Pup’s Needs

Generic dog food doesn’t provide the specialized nutrition small and toy breed puppies need. OPtimeal Puppy Food is tailored just for them with the right protein sources, fat content, and kibble size. The smaller kibble bits are sized appropriately for tiny puppy mouths.

Nutrition Backed by Experts

OPtimeal’s team of veterinary nutrition experts specially formulated this recipe based on the latest research. They know exactly what growing toy breed puppies need to set them up for a lifetime of good health and nutrition. You can feel good knowing your puppy gets expert-recommended nutrition.

Proudly Made in Ukraine

OPtimeal is proudly manufactured in Ukraine, where they meticulously oversee every step of the process from sourcing quality ingredients to cooking the kibble. You can trust the care and traditions that go into this thoughtfully crafted recipe.

Delight Their Tastebuds and Nourish Their Bodies

Puppies grow so fast, and the right nutrition makes all the difference. Delight your toy or small breed puppy’s tastebuds with the delicious lamb and rice recipe they’re sure to love. More importantly, nourish their growing bodies with complete, balanced nutrition tailored for their needs.

Get your tiny pup started on the right paw with premium OPtimeal Puppy Dog Food. Your small but mighty puppy will thank you!


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