ORIJEN Freeze-Dried Alberta Wild Boar Formula Dog Food, 16 oz



Give your dog the taste of the wild with ORIJEN Freeze-Dried Alberta Wild Boar grain-free dog food. Inspired by the richly nourishing diets of wild dogs, ORIJEN dog food is made with freezer-dried premium animal ingredients to deliver the concentrated nutrition of raw in the convenience of kibble.

Single Source Regional Ingredients

ORIJEN Freeze-Dried Alberta Wild Boar contains a single source of wild boar protein from Alberta. This formula mimics the natural biological appropriateness of a diet that wild dogs have thrived on for millennia. Made with fresh regional ingredients, it provides the richly nourishing animal parts like meat, organs and bone.

Grain-Free and Loaded with Meat

With 85% quality animal ingredients, ORIJEN Freeze-Dried Alberta Wild Boar has 3 times the meat of conventional dog food. This grain-free formula is loaded with richly nourishing wild boar meat, organs and bone. It also includes whole prey ingredients like wild caught fish and cage-free eggs to provide a concentrated source of virtually every nutrient your dog needs to thrive.

Nutrient-Dense and Highly Digestible

ORIJEN dog foods are designed to match your dog’s ancestral diet. They feature the highest amount of fresh meat inclusions and limited carbohydrates. This formula mimics your dog’s natural biological diet to provide a concentrated source of vital nutrients in their most easily absorbed form for optimum health.

Prepared in Small Batches

To preserve nutritional integrity, ORIJEN Freeze-Dried formulas are prepared in small batches at our award-winning kitchens in Canada. Low temperature processing helps retain the natural taste, texture and nutrients dogs need to thrive. Our fresh regional ingredients are quality tested to ensure they meet our strict standards.

Convenience Without Compromise

ORIJEN freeze-dried dog food provides the convenience of a dry food with the nutritional benefits of a raw diet. The freeze-drying process removes moisture while maintaining the freshness, aroma and nutritional integrity of raw meat. Simply rehydrate with water before feeding for a wholesome raw diet packed with protein, natural occurring enzymes and electrolytes.

Keep Your Dog Happy and Strong

For dogs of all life stages, ORIJEN keeps your beloved companion healthy, happy, and strong the way nature intended. With omega fatty acids from whole fish for healthy skin and coat, ORIJEN provides the concentrated nutrition to fulfill your dog’s biological needs for vibrant health and longevity.

Trusted Everywhere

With over a million dogs and cats fed, ORIJEN is the most trusted premium pet food brand. We focus solely on foods designed to nourish dogs according to their natural, biological needs. Made in our Canadian DogStar kitchens, ORIJEN delivers unmatched quality to provide the richly nourishing diets dogs need to thrive. Click Add to Cart now to treat your dog to ORIJEN premium quality foods!


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