Oxbow Animal Health Critical Care for Herbivores – Support Your Bunny or Guinea Pig’s Recovery



Is your beloved bunny or guinea pig feeling under the weather? As a pet owner, you know how stressful it can be when your little friend stops eating their normal food. Loss of appetite is one of the first signs of illness in small herbivores like rabbits and guinea pigs. When they go off their feed, it’s important to take action quickly to help them recover.

That’s where Oxbow Animal Health Critical Care can help. This powdered recovery food is specially formulated to meet the unique nutritional needs of small herbivores. It provides all the nutrients they need to help get them back on the road to recovery.

Designed Specifically for Small Herbivores Like Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

Oxbow Critical Care is different from other recovery foods you may find. It’s been specially designed for the digestive systems and nutritional requirements of small herbivores, including:

  • Rabbits
  • Guinea pigs
  • Chinchillas
  • Degus

General recovery foods meant for dogs or cats won’t provide the right nutrition for your bunny or guinea pig. This formula contains optimal levels of nutrients like fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals to target their needs.

High in Fiber to Support Digestive Health

One of the most important things for small herbivores is getting enough fiber. Since rabbits, guinea pigs and others eat a diet of grasses and hay, they require lots of fiber to keep their digestive system running smoothly.

Oxbow Critical Care is specially formulated with extra fiber to support gastrointestinal function. This can help if your pet is experiencing issues like:

  • Gut stasis or slowed motility
  • Diarrhea
  • Gas and bloating

The high fiber content helps get the digestive tract moving again and restore normal gut function.

No Added Sugars – Designed for Herbivore Metabolism

Another difference between Oxbow Critical Care and other recovery foods is that it has no added sugars. Many formulas meant for dogs or cats contain extra sugars to make it more palatable.

But for small herbivores, added sugars can cause more harm than good. Too much sugar disrupts their metabolism which is designed to run on fiber, not simple carbohydrates.

Oxbow Critical Care gets its palatability from natural ingredients, not unnecessary sugars. This prevents blood sugar spikes and supports healthy metabolism.

Palatable Apple-Banana Flavor – Mixes Easily with Water

The apple-banana flavor provides natural palatability to entice your sick pet to eat. All you need to do is mix the powder with water until it reaches a gruel-like consistency.

Most rabbits and guinea pigs love the sweet taste. It’s also easier for them to ingest than solid foods when they’re feeling unwell.

You can syringe feed the gruel, or place it in a shallow bowl for your pet to lap up at their own pace. Make sure they remain hydrated by providing fresh water as well.

Convenient Bag for Easy Feeding

Oxbow Critical Care comes in a 454 gram resealable bag to maintain freshness.

To prepare each serving, simply pour out the needed amount of powder. Then mix with water until thoroughly combined.

The bag makes it easy to store in your pantry or cupboard for whenever you need it. It has a 2 year shelf life from the manufacturing date.

You can also precisely measure out the correct dosage for your pet based on the feeding guide on the back of the bag. Follow your vet’s instructions to determine how much and how often to feed.

Trusted Brand Used by Veterinarians

Oxbow Animal Health is a trusted brand recommended by vets for small animal nutrition. They are a leader in crafting species-appropriate diets.

Oxbow Critical Care is veterinarian formulated to help your pet bounce back. It provides clinical nutrition during recovery or if they require assisted feeding.

You can feel confident knowing your beloved bunny or guinea pig is getting the specialized support they need. Simply mix with water and syringe or bowl feed until their appetite returns.

With the proper care from you and nutrition from Oxbow Critical Care, your small herbivore friend will be happily munching on hay again in no time.


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