Pampered Pets On The Go – 3-In-1 Pet Stroller, Crate & Carrier For Cats & Dogs Up To 45lbs



Do you want to take your furry friend everywhere with you but struggle to find a convenient and comfortable way to transport them? Look no further than the Pampered Pets 3-in-1 Pet Stroller, Crate and Carrier! This versatile product seamlessly converts between three different modes to suit your pet’s needs and keep them happy and secure whether you’re strolling through the park, hitting the road for a trip, or just heading to the vet.

This premium stroller, crate and carrier hybrid features sturdy yet lightweight construction with 4 multi-direction locking wheels that enable smooth steering and even one-handed pushing. The padded interior has cozy fleece bedding where your pet can curl up for a nap during outings. Four zippered mesh panels provide airflow and visibility, but can also be fully enclosed for privacy and security when needed. The included safety straps and rear seatbelt loops allow you to securely restrain your pet while transferring the crate in and out of your vehicle.

Unique 3-in-1 Design For Ultimate Convenience
This innovative product combines a pet stroller, crate and carrier all in one for the ultimate in versatility and convenience. Its innovative design quickly and easily converts between the following three modes to suit your particular needs:

Spacious Stroller:
The stroller configuration features sturdy 4-wheel construction with front locking wheels that enable one-handed pushing and smooth steering. Your pet can enjoy the outdoors in a stable, comfortable environment with mesh windows for airflow. The fleece bedding provides cushioning for even large dogs up to 45 lbs. Roomy interior dimensions of 29″L x 19″W x 19″H.

Secure Crate:
Easily collapse the stroller frame to convert into a crate for at-home use or transporting in your vehicle. Locking zippers prevent escape. Mesh windows provide ventilation while optional side covers allow you to block outside sights and sounds. Interior tethers and seatbelt loops keep your pet restrained and secure while traveling.

Portable Carrier:
Quickly detach the wheels utilizing the simple release buttons to transform into a lightweight carrier. Integrated shoulder strap and handles make carrying simple. Ideal for vet visits, air travel or other transport needs. Locking zippers keep your pet safely contained.

No more fussing with multiple cumbersome products! This 3-in-1 stroller, crate and carrier simplifies traveling with your cat or dog up to 45 lbs.

Premium Quality Construction For Safety And Comfort
Constructed from durable, water-resistant canvas over a powder coated steel frame, this stroller/carrier/crate hybrid provides a sturdy base that still weighs just 17 lbs. The padded fleece interior includes an adjustable safety leash to keep your pet cozy and secure. All zippers are self-locking to prevent clever escape artists!

The mesh window panels provide ventilation and visibility while optional rain covers allow you to enclose the stroller fully. The wheels feature brakes for parking and are easily removed with the push of a button to convert into a carrier.

Multiple handles and an adjustable shoulder strap make lifting and carrying simple. Rear seatbelt loops enable you to safely secure the crate in your vehicle for car travel.

With its versatile design and premium construction, the Pampered Pets 3-in-1 Stroller Crate & Carrier provides the total package to keep your pet safe, secure and comfortable no matter where your adventures take you!

Spacious Interior With Safety Restraints
The Pampered Pets stroller has ample room for a pet up to 45 pounds and multiple small pets. Interior dimensions are an expansive 29 inches long by 19 inches wide by 19 inches high. Your pet can sit up, turn around and lie down comfortably.

An adjustable leash attaches to the interior to keep your pet safely contained. Nylon restraint straps also feed through slots on the sides to secure your pet while the stroller is in motion.

The sturdy canvas fabric and heavy-duty zippers prevent your pet from sticking their head out and escaping while you’re strolling. Locking zippers add extra security and reassurance.

The rear of the stroller features seatbelt loops so you can further immobilize your pet inside the crate during car travel for maximum safety and security.

Padded Fleece Bedding For Superior Comfort
Your pet will absolutely love the super soft and luxurious fleece bedding that lines the entire interior floor space of the stroller and carrier. The padded fleece cushioning helps insulate your pet against the hard floor surface for incredible comfort when lounging or napping during travel.

The stroller’s stable 4-wheel design absorbs bumps smoothly to prevent jostling your pet while strolling. The fleece bed provides padding whether on the move or stationery.

The fleece material is also easy to remove and machine washable for quick cleaning. An extra fleece mat is included to utilize while the other is in the wash.

Your furry friend will always journey in supreme comfort and style with the plush fleece interior of the Pampered Pets stroller!

Ventilated Side Panels Keep Pets Cool
To ensure optimal airflow for your pet’s comfort, all four sides of the stroller feature roll-down mesh screens. The durable mesh allows fresh air to circulate while also letting your pet view the sights, sounds and smells outside.

On warm sunny days, the breezy mesh panels keep your dog or cat cool and comfortable. For added shade, you can optionally zip on the included rain covers over the mesh screens for a more enclosed stroller.

You have full control over your pet’s ventilation preferences. Zip open the mesh for circulation or close for privacy. The stroller lets you quickly adapt to environmental conditions or your pet’s needs.

The heavy-duty mesh is made of high-density polyester that resists sagging, however your pet’s claws will not damage it. Your pet can poke their nose through safely for sniffing the outdoors.

Removable Wheels For Quick Carrier Conversion
One of the unique advantages of this stroller is its quick conversion into a carrier by removing the wheels.

Each wheel features a simple push-button release mechanism. Depress the button and the wheel detaches easily. Re-attaching the wheels takes seconds with no tools required.

Once the wheels are removed, you have a lightweight yet durable carrier perfect for air travel or transporting your pet in your vehicle. The shoulder strap and handles make carrying your pet by hand a cinch.

Don’t waste time struggling to convert cumbersome products! This stroller’s brilliant wheel release system lets you go from stroller to carrier in seconds flat with no hassle. Your pet will be transported in comfort and style wherever your destination may be.

Folds Compactly For Storage And Portability
When not in use transporting your pampered pal, the Pampered Pets 3-in-1 stroller folds up neatly for compact storage.

To collapse, simply release the locking latches and fold the frame inward until the stroller is a fraction of its open size. Folds down to just 7 inches wide for sliding into tight spaces.

The lightweight canvas fabric and removable wheels make this stroller incredibly easy to lift and carry. At just 17 pounds, it transports with ease.

Take it along on road trips, vacations, or visits to the family cabin. The stroller sets up quickly when you arrive for adventures with your pet in a new place.

Free up space in your home or vehicle by folding this stroller down into a slim profile after outings. It stores nearly anywhere for ultimate convenience!

Designed For Safety, Comfort And Convenience
From its multi-functional design to its deluxe fleece bedding, the Pampered Pets 3-in-1 Stroller Crate & Carrier is engineered with your pet’s happiness and security as the top priority.

Key safety features include locking zippers, interior leash, nylon restraint straps, rear seat belt loops, locking wheel brakes and sturdy construction.

Breathable mesh panels keep your pet cool and comfortable on warm days while also providing visibility and sunshine. Rain covers allow you to enclose the stroller fully for protection and privacy when desired.

The padded fleece cushioning creates a cozy environment for your dog or cat to lounge and sleep while on the move. The smooth-rolling 4 wheel design absorbs shock for a stable, soothing ride.

From a quick trip to the park to an extended cross country road trip, the Pampered Pets Stroller Crate & Carrier provides the ultimate in convenience, comfort and versatility for traveling with your treasured pet in safety and style!


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