Pet Carrier Crate Fasteners – Black Nylon Wing Nuts & Steel Carriage Bolts Hardware for Kennels



Keep your pet’s crate securely fastened with this 12-pack of heavy-duty black plastic wing nuts and steel carriage bolts. Designed to replace missing or damaged hardware on plastic dog kennels, cat carriers, and other animal enclosures, these sturdy fasteners will keep your pet safe and secure inside their crate during travel and at home.

Heavy-Duty Nylon Wing Nuts for a Snug Fit

Each wing nut in this 12-pack is made from durable black nylon plastic capable of withstanding frequent use and tightening. The wings provide an easy grip so you can tighten the nut effortlessly by hand without tools. Once threaded onto the bolt, the wings firmly press against the crate’s plastic panels to hold everything snugly in place. The nylon construction prevents corrosion over time.

Strong Steel Carriage Bolts to Reinforce Crate Corners

We’ve paired the wing nuts with 12 steel carriage bolts measuring 1-1/4 inches long with a domed head to prevent the bolt from pulling through the plastic. The sturdy steel construction and rounded edges reinforce weak points and prevent cracks. Simply slide the smooth rounded shaft through pre-drilled holes and secure with a nylon wing nut. The bolts feature coarse threading to hold the nut securely once tightened.

Universal Replacement Hardware for All Pet Crates

No matter what brand or size of plastic pet carrier you own, this hardware kit has you covered. As long as you measure the bolt shafts on your crate and match that size, these 1-1/4 inch carriage bolts and wing nuts will securely reinforce wobbly corners and replace missing or damaged factory nuts and bolts. Keep extras on hand for quick repairs.

Easy to Install and Tighten by Hand

Installation takes just minutes with no special tools required. Simply insert each carriage bolt through the pre-drilled holes along the edges and corners of your plastic animal enclosure. Thread a nylon wing nut onto the bolt protruding through the plastic and tighten down by gripping the nut’s wings and turning clockwise until snug. Check your pet’s crate regularly to ensure a secure fit.

Keep Your Pet Safe During Travel & Exercise

Don’t risk a loose cage or crate coming apart and allowing your pet to escape. Fasten cage doors, panels, handles, and corners securely with this hardware fastener kit. The sturdy steel and nylon construction keeps active dogs and curious cats safely confined during car travel, outdoor excursions, and in-home use. Secure exercise pens to prevent determined pups from barging through.


  • Contains: 12 black nylon wing nuts and 12 steel carriage bolts
  • Bolt Size: 1-1/4 inches long
  • Coarse threading for optimal grip
  • Rust-resistant black plastic and steel construction
  • Hand wash only

Compatible With All Major Brands of Plastic Pet Carriers:

  • MidWest iCrate
  • Petsfit
  • Amazon Basics
  • Petmate
  • PetPeppy
  • Prevue Pet Products
  • SmithBuilt
  • EliteField
  • Aspenpet
  • Crown Pet Crate

Order This Hardware Kit for Your Pet’s Safety

Don’t waste time and money replacing entire crates when only a nut or bolt breaks. Stash this wing nut and bolt set in your pet supply kit for quick repairs when problems arise. The universal fit makes fixing wobbly crates a breeze. With proper crate care and maintenance, your pet can enjoy their kennel for years to come. Provide your companion with a sturdy and secure crate for their safety and your peace of mind by ordering this fastener set today!


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