Pet Dematting and Deshedding Brush and Comb Set



Tame the fur furor! Keep your feline and canine companions looking prim and proper with our 2-in-1 Pet Dematting and Deshedding Brush and Comb Set. This dynamic duo makes grooming easy and effective, detangling knots, removing loose hair, and cutting down on shedding so your home stays hair-free.

As any pet parent knows, our furry friends can get pretty shaggy. Matted fur not only looks unkempt, it’s downright uncomfortable for your pet. And excess shedding leaves tufts of hair covering your floors, furniture and clothing. But don’t reach for the clippers just yet! With the right tools, you can maintain your pet’s coat at home – no professional grooming needed.

That’s where our Dematting and Deshedding Brush and Comb Set comes in. The brush side features gentle, rounded bristles to gently separate and untangle knots without pulling or scratching sensitive skin. Simply glide it through your pet’s coat to smooth out mats and tangles with ease. No more wrestling with painful matted fur!

The comb side has sturdy, finely spaced metal teeth to remove loose undercoat and penetrate dense coats while stimulating the skin and distributing natural oils. Just a few passes removes all the dead hair so it doesn’t end up all over your home. Designed to be gentle yet effective for cats and dogs, our comb detangles, shines and refreshes the coat.

With regular use, our Dematting and Deshedding Set keeps your pet’s coat orderly and manageable between professional grooming appointments. It’s ideal for long and medium haired breeds prone to tangles and heavy shedding like:

Golden Retrievers
Labrador Retrievers
German Shepherds
Chow Chows
Siberian Huskies
Maine Coon Cats
Persian Cats
Ragdoll Cats
Himalayan Cats
Don’t be fooled by flimsy plastic grooming tools. Our set features a durable stainless steel comb and high quality brush with soft touch TPR handle for comfort and control. The compact size also makes it easy to handle and store.

Ditch the mess and distress of wrestling with mats and loose hair. Our Dematting and Deshedding Brush and Comb Set keeps your pet’s coat healthy and handsome and your home fur-free. Order now and say goodbye to tangles and tufts!


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