Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs for Small and Large Dogs up to 150 lbs – Portable 2 Step Dog Stairs with Removable Washable Carpet



The Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs provide the perfect solution for helping small and large dogs up to 150 lbs get on and off beds, couches, and more. This 2 step pet stair features wider and deeper stair landings to accommodate pets of all sizes. The removable and washable carpet treads provide secure traction and make cleaning up accidents easy. With no tools required and quick snap together assembly, you’ll be able to set up and take down these stairs in seconds. Give your furry friend the helpful boost they need to reach their favorite spot!

Wider and Deeper Stairs Designed for Pets Big and Small

Getting little dogs on the couch or big dogs into bed can be a challenge. That’s why the Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs were designed with stair landings that are both wider and deeper than traditional pet stairs. The spacious 12.25 inch deep top step and 11.5 inch deep bottom step provide plenty of room for small, large, and even giant breed dogs to comfortably climb up and down.

No more struggling to squeeze big paws on tiny stairs or watching little legs shake trying to make big leaps. Just easy stepping from one level to the next. The generous step depths help give pets the confidence they need to use the stairs without fear or hesitation. High enough for big breeds but not too tall for little guys either.

Removable Carpet Treads for Sure Footing and Simple Cleaning

The Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs feature removable carpet treads on each step to help provide secure traction and a sturdy feel underfoot for pets. The durable, tightly woven carpet gives paws a solid grip to prevent slipping and improve stability when climbing. No more slippery surfaces that leave your pet feeling uneasy.

Accidents happen, and that’s why these pet stair treads can be easily removed for cleaning. Just detach the carpets and toss them in the washing machine to lift stains and odors caused by dirt, mud, food spills, vomit, and other mishaps. Having the ability to quickly clean the stairs keeps them smelling fresh and looking like new.

Quick No Tools Assembly in Just Seconds

Setting up pet stairs can be a time consuming hassle, but the Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs snap together in seconds with no tools required. The two stair sections securely interlock together through an easy connecting system. Just line up the tabs and slots and press down firmly. Sturdy rubber grippers on the bottom of the stairs help keep them in place wherever you set them up.

Thanks to the clever no tools design, you can quickly move these stairs from room to room or take them on visits to grandma’s house. When not in use, the stairs fold up neatly for compact out of the way storage. It’s pet stair portability and convenience at its finest!

Sturdy Construction Holds Pets up to 150 Pounds

Built using high quality materials, the Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs provide a sturdy construction that can hold pets up to 150 pounds. The stairs weigh just over 10 pounds but are designed to hold big dogs more than 10 times that weight!

With some pet stairs, you can feel the steps sway or shift under your dog’s weight. But these stairs maintain their stability and support even large breed dogs without sagging. The robust build gives big pets the confidence to climb without worry or wobble.

The Perfect Boost for Couch and Bed Access

The Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs are ideal for giving your dog or cat easy access to beds, couches, chairs, vehicles, and more. The two 6 inch high steps work perfectly for allowing smaller pets to reach furniture without needing you to lift them up and down. Tall enough to give them a helpful boost but not so high that little legs can’t easily scale them.

Even older, arthritic, or disabled pets with limited mobility can benefit from these stairs to help them comfortably get around. Set them up in the living room for couch access or next to the bed for easy nighttime snuggles. Wherever your furry friend wants to go, these pet stairs make it possible.

Choose Pet Gear for Quality Pet Products

Pet Gear is a leader in pet products for dogs and cats. They’ve been creating innovative pet solutions since 1936. Pet Gear’s line of pet stairs, ramps, booster seats, carriers, and car seats are designed with your pet’s safety, security, and comfort in mind.

When you choose Pet Gear, you can feel confident knowing you’re getting a high quality pet product backed by years of experience catering to animal needs. Your furry companions deserve the best – Pet Gear delivers just that.

The Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs provide the ultimate combination of thoughtful design, sturdy construction, and pet-friendly features. Give your small or large dog the help they need to reach their favorite people and places. Order the Pet Gear Pet Stairs today!


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