Pet Gear Easy Step IV Pet Stairs – The Easiest Way to Help Your Pet



The Pet Gear Easy Step IV Pet Stairs provide the perfect solution to help your aging or arthritic pet easily reach their favorite spot. Whether it’s jumping onto the couch, bed, or into the car, these pet stairs remove the strain and effort for your furry friend.

Wider and Deeper Stairs Give Your Pet Confidence

The generous 6 inch high steps on the Pet Gear pet stairs are designed to prevent your pet from experiencing joint pain and strain when climbing up and down. The stair depths are 11 inches deep, giving your pet plenty of room to securely place their paws on each stair tread.

And at 16 inches wide, even larger breed dogs have sufficient space to comfortably ascend and descend the stairs. The deep, wide steps give your pet stability and confidence when using the stairs.

Removable and Washable Carpet Treads

The stairs include soft, carpeting treads on each step to provide secure traction and a comfortable surface for your pet’s paws. When the stairs get dirty or worn, you can easily remove the carpet treads and toss them in the washing machine to freshen them up.

The nylon carpet material is durable to withstand regular use and machine washing cycles. And the dark color hides dirt so the stairs maintain their clean appearance for longer.

Non-Slip Rubber Grippers Keep the Stairs in Place

To prevent sliding and slipping on hard floors, the Pet Gear pet stairs include rubber grippers on the bottom of the stairs. The thick gripping material secures the pet stairs in place on tile, hardwood, laminate, and other slippery floors.

Even as your pet runs up the stairs, the non-slip rubber keeps the stairs firmly planted in position. No more chasing after movable pet stairs around the room.

Snaps Together in Seconds – No Tools Required

Assembling pet stairs can be a complicated, frustrating process. But the Pet Gear Easy Step IV Pet Stairs snap together in seconds without using any tools.

The 4 stair units securely snap into place to form 1 complete set of stairs. Just align the connectors and apply pressure to lock the stairs together. When it’s time to store or travel with the pet stairs, they come apart just as easily.

Sturdy Construction Supports Pets Up to 150 lbs

Built with high weight capacity, the Pet Gear pet stairs hold pets up to 150 pounds. The stairs are constructed from heavy-duty plastic that provides durability to last years of daily use by your pet.

Even large dog breeds like Mastiffs, Saint Bernards, and Great Danes can safely use these pet stairs without fear of cracking or damage. Your pet has complete security and stability when ascending and descending the stairs.

4 Color Options to Match Your Home Decor

Available in Sage, Cocoa, Caramel, and Smoke color options, you can select pet stairs to blend with your home’s style and decor. The subtle earth tone shades allow the stairs to unobtrusively mix into room designs.

Or choose a fun, bold color to create a stylish accent for your space. Either way, the Pet Gear pet stairs look right at home in modern houses and apartments.

Give Your Pet Independence to Climb Onto Furniture

As pets age, they may struggle to hop onto couches, beds, window sills, and other elevated surfaces around your home. With the Easy Step IV pet stairs, your furry friend can continue enjoying their favorite relaxing and sleeping spots.

Place the stairs in front of tall beds, sofas, chairs, and car seats. The stairs give your pet freedom and independence to comfortably access furniture without assistance. Reduce joint pain and keep your pet active and mobile.

Reduce Stress on Your Back from Lifting Your Pet

Lifting heavy, aging pets onto furniture can cause back strain and injuries. With these pet stairs, you no longer have to risk hurting your back to help your pet access elevated surfaces.

The stair design allows your pet to safely climb up and down on their own without you having to lift them. Save your back and maintain proper posture while still catering to your pet’s needs.

Compact Size Fits in Small Spaces

Measuring just 34 inches long by 16 inches wide, the Pet Gear pet stairs are designed to fit in cozy rooms and small spaces around your home. When not in use, the stairs tuck neatly out of the way so they don’t create clutter.

The compact stair size also makes them easy to store and transport for use in cars, hotel rooms, vacation rentals, and visiting friends’ homes with your pet. Wherever your pet needs stairs, these provide an ideal portable solution.

Lightweight Yet Sturdy for Portability

Weighing only 10 pounds, the Pet Gear pet stairs are light enough to carry and move around your home with ease. The hollow molded plastic construction keeps the overall weight low without sacrificing strength and durability.

Take the lightweight stairs anywhere your pet needs easy access assistance. Perfect for placing in cars during transport and using in new environments while traveling with your furry companion.

Help Your Senior Pet Stay Active Longer

As pets get older and experience age-related mobility issues, simple actions like jumping on the couch become difficult. But the Easy Step IV pet stairs let your senior pet continue enjoying their favorite activities and furniture spots for more years.

The gradual 6 inch high steps are easy for stiff, arthritic legs to handle. The stairs reduce joint stress and improve circulation to keep your aging pet active and mobile. Give your pet safe independence and improved quality of life.

Provide Pain Relief for Dogs with Joint Issues

Dogs suffering from hip dysplasia, arthritis, and other orthopedic problems experience severe discomfort and difficulty jumping and climbing. The impact of landing after a jump can aggravate painful joints.

The Pet Gear pet stairs eliminate the need to jump down from elevated surfaces. The gradual steps minimize joint impact and discomfort as your dog ascends and descends. Help provide pain relief and improved mobility for your pet.

Make Vehicle Entry and Exit Easier

Getting in and out of cars and SUVs becomes increasingly challenging for pets as they get older. Placing the Pet Gear pet stairs next to vehicle seats allows your dog or cat to simply step up or down onto the ground.

The stairs provide secure footing and stability for your pet entering and exiting the vehicle. Reduce the risk of slips and falls during the process. The portable stairs also work great for truck beds, trailers, and RVs.

Why Choose the Pet Gear Easy Step IV Pet Stairs?

  • Wide, deep stair treads for pet stability and confidence.
  • Machine washable, removable carpet treads for easy cleaning.
  • Non-slip rubber grippers keep stairs firmly planted.
  • Snap together design assembles quickly with no tools.
  • Holds up to 150 pounds.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Compact size fits in small spaces.

Give your pet the independence to access beds, sofas, cars, and anywhere else they want to go. Reduce joint pain and keep your aging pet comfortable and active for years to come. The Pet Gear Easy Step IV Pet Stairs provide the ideal, long-lasting solution.


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