Pet Hair Remover Glove – The Efficient and Gentle Way to Brush Away Loose Fur



Tired of pet hair covering everything in sight? Our innovative Pet Hair Remover Glove offers a revolutionary way to groom your furry friend and banish those pesky hair tumbleweeds once and for all!

As pet owners, we know the struggle of keeping up with constantly shedding dogs and cats. No matter how often you vacuum or lint roll, you just can’t seem to get ahead of the hair game. Introducing a simple solution that turns petting into an effective deshedding tool – the Pet Hair Remover Glove!

Gentle Massage Motion Lifts Away Loose Undercoat

This glove features soft, flexible silicone grooming tips that gently lift and remove loose hair as you brush. The nubs grab hold of dead undercoat and gently remove it without pulling or irritating your pet’s skin. Your dog or cat will love the massage-like motion – it’s just like getting a good scratch behind the ears! The Deshedding Glove glides smoothly across their coat, stimulating natural oils that leave their fur shiny and soft.

More Than Just a Brush – A Bonding Experience!

Grooming time doesn’t have to be a chore for you or your pet. In fact, daily brushing sessions are a great way to strengthen your bond! The Enhanced Five Finger Design gives you better control so you can give a thorough brushing. Our customers love that the glove allows them to actively engage their energetic pups, turning a dreaded task into a rewarding activity for both owner and pet. The adjustable wrist strap ensures a comfortable fit, even for extended grooming.

Versatile Wet & Dry – Use Anywhere, Anytime!

The Pet Hair Remover Glove offers flexible usage whether your dog or cat is dry or wet. Easily work through their coat during bath time to lift away dirt and debris for a deeper clean. The wet silicone tips gently massage shampoo down to the skin to hydrate and nourish. For quick daily grooming, use it dry to sweep away shed hair. It’s ideal for short, medium, curly, or long haired breeds. Plus, this glove can be worn on either hand!

Effective for Dogs, Cats, & Pet Parents Too!

Customers rave that our deshedding glove works wonders on dogs and cats of all coat lengths and types:

Short Fur: Great for smooth coats like Labradors & beagles. Nubs gently lift dead hair before it can shed all over your home.

Medium Coats: Ideal for breeds like corgis, bulldogs, pointers – removes undercoat and prevents matting.

Long Haired: Helps detangle long flowing locks on golden retrievers, collies, huskies. Gets deep into the undercoat.

Curly Fur: The silicone tips help separate and untangle curls on poodles, bichon-frise breeds.

Pet parents love it too for easily removing pet hair from furniture and clothing. Just put on the glove and wipe away!

Buy With Confidence & Give Your Pet the Gift of Grooming

Try our Pet Hair Remover Glove risk-free with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We want your furry friend to look their very best, and for you to finally win the battle against pet hair! Pamper your loyal companion with the gentle power of daily grooming. Not only will your home and clothes thank you, but your dog or cat will love the special attention. This thoughtfully designed deshedding tool makes grooming faster, easier and more enjoyable. Order now and get ready to be amazed at how well it cleans, shines, and removes loose hair from your pet’s coat!


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